Images Released For Proposed Thames Crossing At Gallions Reach

Rachel Holdsworth
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Images Released For Proposed Thames Crossing At Gallions Reach
HOK/London Chamber of Commerce
HOK/London Chamber of Commerce
HOK/London Chamber of Commerce
HOK/London Chamber of Commerce

The London Chamber of Commerce and Industry has released images of how a bridge it would like to see built across the Thames between Thamesmead and Beckton at Gallions Reach could look. The new artist images include a segregated cycle lane.

Some of you may remember this potential crossing when it was called the Thames Gateway Bridge — it's basically the same position — which Boris Johnson pulled the plug on after being elected the first time. The LCCI says a river crossing in the east is needed as London grows, claiming it could create up to 18,000 jobs, add £55.7m a year to the local economy and support the 80,000 new homes planned for Gallions Reach. Transport for London held a consultation (PDF) last year and found 71% of respondents were in favour of a bridge at that point, around 20% more than wanted a ferry. However, Bexley council — which strongly opposed the Thames Gateway Bridge — is back on the campaign trail against Bridge East London (as the new one is being dubbed) and points out the TfL consultation had only a 2% response rate.

Green Assembly Member Darren Johnson also cites similar objections to those being made against proposals for a tunnel at Silvertown:

"This new road bridge will bring more traffic, congestion and pollution to the streets of east London. Local people have been rejecting plans for this bridge for over 30 years and the latest set of pretty artist drawings won't disguise the fact that this new road will bring pollution and traffic jams to their area.

"East London has been growing fast and has benefited from several new public transport links in the last few years. Evidence to the last public inquiry on this new road showed that it wouldn't help the local economy, but that it would create pollution and congestion."

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What is being hailed as the saviour of East London by the LCCI, will spell disaster for SE London, Plumstead in particular: either with severely clogged residential streets, as vehicles (including a good many lorries) attempt to travel between the bridge and the A2, or by being carved in half by a massive trunk road linking the two, which will plough through houses, a farm and ancient woodland (which is also an SSSI). The conclusions of the inspector at the last enquiry in 2006 make nonsense of the claims being made by the LCCI. A plea to journalists: please investigate the subject in detail before rushing to reiterate the hyperbole of the pro-road lobby.

Janine Evelyn-Wilson

I hope you will share the objections that are mounting against the construction of this bridge.


If people are going to oppose to these river crossings, Can the people who are opposing come up with a solution to replace it other than improving public transport


You only need to be part of the Backwell Tunnel or Woolwich Ferry queues to know that an additional crossing is desperately needed!