Crowdfunding London: June

Chris Lockie
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Crowdfunding London: June


For this month's round-up we take a whirl around a selection of crowdfunding sites to find the very cream of London projects.

From London Bus to Battle Bus

As the sombre tone of the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of European hostilities continues, London Transport Museum is looking for funding to convert a First World War B-type London bus into one of the city's famous Battle Buses. B-type London buses were shipped to the front line just six weeks after Britain’s declaration of war on Germany in August 1914. Many buses were lost in the appalling conditions of the battlefields, but a few survived and returned to serve the streets of London until B-types were retired in the 1920s.

Bus B2737 has been selected to recreate the journey to Belgium and France, made by the hundreds of London buses a century ago. By chipping in, you can pay tribute to the men of the London General Omnibus Company who did so much to help the Allied effort across those deadly European battlegrounds.

Project rewards include a trip to the museum depot's open weekend in September, bus-related memorabilia and helping with the bus' conversion ahead of its trip. Best of all is an invitation to accompany the bus on its journey on 20 September.

Little Free Librarieslittle-free-library

There was no way we couldn't include this as soon as we found it: a project to set up a tiny library where people can take books, leave books and generally revel in the fact that we all love a good book. It's actually two projects for the price of one, as the Little Free Library Project has two London libraries in the pipeline: one in Stoke Newington and the other in Leyton.

They are looking for the humble sum of £200 for each little library and are currently about halfway with each one. Naturally there aren't going to be huge lists of rewards for such a small financial ask, but if you chip in £20 you will earn yourself an 'I Love Little Free Library' t-shirt in the size of your choice.

Cereal Killer Cafecereal-cafe

Alan and Gary Keery are "cereal loving identical twins from Belfast", who plan to bring their obsession to London via a new cafe in Shoreditch. Cereal Killer Cafe is expected to stock 100 cereals, 12 milks and 20 toppings so the cereal freaks of east London can tailor a bowl to their exact tastes and specifications. There will be pop tarts, toast 'with choice of spread', and of course a vast array of teas and coffees for what may well become London's finest breakfast outside of Ellie's Cafe on the Kilburn High Road.

Alan and Gary are planning to secure investment from a bank or two. Before they do this, they're hoping to get a few real people on board. Pledge rewards naturally centre around breakfast (and lunch, and dinner) in the Cereal Killer Cafe. For anyone stumping up for the 'Addict' package there's a bowl of cereal a day for a year and an exclusive t-shirt to spill it down.

Art4Space's Community Kilnkilns

Art4Space is a community arts organisation which aims to address social, education and health issues using the arts to inspire and strengthen communities. This month they'll be moving to a new home in Stockwell, and their crowdfunding project has a very specific goal: to raise just under a thousand pounds to build a shed at their new site to house their kilns. They plan to hire out their kilns at affordable rates to artists, schools and community groups to allow Art4Space to offer a great resource to the wider community.

With a couple of weeks to go they are just £350 short of their goal, and this is a thoroughly laudable project that deserves a few spare pennies. You will receive a single reward for your cash: the warm glow of knowing you've done something to make one of south London's communities a better, more clay-based place.


HONEYTRAP - a feature film set in teenage Brixton

Growing up as a teenager in London can involve dodging daily perils and negotiating all manner of tricky relationships. HONEYTRAP is a feature-length gang movie telling the tale of 15-year-old Layla, who arranges the killing of the boy who loves her. Sadly, it's based on a true story.

The film has been shot and edited but it needs a final burst of funding to polish it to a standard writer/director Rebecca Johnson is happy with. Project rewards include your very own copy of Rebecca's annotated script, costumes and props from the movie and an invitation to the first screening with the cast and crew.

Last Updated 17 June 2014