An Aussie Invasion Of Hoxton Square

Chris Lockie
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An Aussie Invasion Of Hoxton Square

Aussie BBQ

Declaring itself 'the biggest live showcase of Australian music outside of Australia', a very large number of Australian singers and bands will descend on Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen this coming Sunday, 11 May. Twenty or more acts are expected to be on the bill, and with that many Aussies in one place it's not particularly surprising the event calls itself The Aussie BBQ, though any obvious BBQ element is suspiciously absent from the event info so you may want to bring your own meat.

As the event returns for the sixth year in a row, we've taken a look at the impressive line-up and selected the five most promising acts you should consider checking out if you're making your way to the hyperbolic 'greatest number of Australian acts to play in the UK at any one time, EVER!'

Bity Booker: A female singer-songwriter not dissimilar to the excellent Cat Power, Brisbane-raised but now London-based Bity brings her Italian-influenced 'acoustic troubles' to Hoxton, including the impressive Gallop. Expect emotion and good will, though not necessarily the death metal for which she was previously known.

Microwave Jenny: Also now based here, Microwave Jenny are a pop/folk/jazz duo formed by Tessa Nuku and Brendon Boney. Their roots are in places with lovely names like Wagga Wagga and Ulladulla, and on the evidence of 2012's You Me Backseat, their show should be heavy on the fun at the Bar & Kitchen this weekend.

The Delta Riggs: From the Gold Coast via Melbourne, the Delta Riggs mix traditional Aussie swagger with the garage rock brashness of New York City, where they've spent a lot of time. The video for their track Rah Rah Radio doesn't make much effort to make sense, but it sounds like New Zealand rockers The Datsuns, it's quite insane, and we now very much want to hear it live.

The John Steel Singers: An intriguing six-piece indie-rock-of-sorts outfit from Brisbane, the John Steel Singers play the type of music that a record shop employee would hesitatingly file near their Grandaddy and Flaming Lips. They're apparently named after a toy horse, and their video for MJ's On Fire Again is actually quite disturbing if you watch it too closely, so we strongly suggest you do.

Mike Noga: How long Mike Noga will be able to use the line 'better known as the drummer of critically acclaimed Australian band The Drones' is unclear given the high quality of his solo output. It's not just drumming, obviously, it's heartfelt but playful folk rock (think Ben Lee), including the wonderful All My Friends Are Alcoholics.

The Aussie BBQ takes place on Sunday 11 May from midday-11pm at the Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen — tickets are available from Ticketweb.

Image by Stuart Sunley via the Londonist Flickr pool.

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