Peggy Sue's London Digest

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Peggy Sue's London Digest

PeggySueWe've listened to the third Peggy Sue album, Choir of Echoes, quite a bit since its release a couple of months ago and we find ourselves hooked on their self-described post-folk and vocal harmonies. As the first single from the album, Idle, demonstrated, Katy, Olly and Rosa can easily pack a hook and, having seen them play live previously, we can report that their gigs are worth the pounds sterling.

The trilling trio are back in town Tuesday night with a show at Clapton's Oslo and we got Katy and Olly to take a break from rehearsals in order to give us the lowdown on their London favourites.

What is your venue of choice for watching gigs in London?
Katy: Shepherd's Bush Empire or Union Chapel for big ones and The Lexington or Shacklewell Arms for little ones.

Where was your first ever show in London?
Katy: It was at Brentford FC or maybe Brentwood FC. I never can remember. It was for a night called We Are Amateurs that we played a lot in the early days. I can't remember if there was anyone there except the other bands but I remember very much enjoying myself.

You launched the new album with a performance at St Pancras Old Church — what did you make of that venue?
Katy: It was great. The space is beautiful and the sound was perfect for us. We are always a bit louder than people expect but the church suited the new album perfectly and everyone seemed just as excited as us to be there.

You're playing Oslo for the first time — have you been there before for drinking or gigging purposes?
Katy: I went to watch Sky Ferreira a few weeks ago under the guise of checking out the venue. It seems really great.

Do you have a favourite London street market?
Olly: For food, definitely Borough market. I'm a big fan of meat sticks and also beer and often cheese. There is always a great selection of all on offer at Borough.

Favourite London park to hang out at on a sunny day?
Katy: Clissold Park because it's my local and there are goats and fallow deer and a table tennis table.

What about a fail-safe go-to drinking establishment?
Olly: The Crown and Anchor on Brixton Road will always have a fond place in my heart as I used to live above it. Similarly, the Grosvenor which is close by. I like honest pubs with a good selection of beer or a Guinness for when I can't be bothered to choose. A pool or billiards table is also a plus for which I'd choose the Albert in New Cross. If I'm dragged into Central London, I'm happy to nip into a Sammy Smiths, Fullers or Nicholson's pub just to have a couple of pints.

Where would you take visitors from out of town to eat in London?
Katy: My new favourite is Leila's Store near Brick Lane. And Voodoo Ray's pizza slice in Dalston is great.

Boris bikes: a sensible way to tone up the buns or “no thanks, I’ll take the tube”?
Olly: Until London roads are 100% safer you won't catch me on a two wheeled death trap!

Favourite museum or gallery in London?
Katy: I really love the Hayward Gallery — both the last shows I saw there (Martin Creed and The Light Show) were so wonderful, beautiful and funny.

What was the last play you saw in London?
Katy: We went to see The Drowned Man, the latest Punch Drunk show, for the second time recently. It's amazing, immersive theatre with an unbelievable set.

Was any part of Choir Of Echoes recorded here?
Katy: It was mostly recorded at Rockfield in Wales but we finished it off at Jimmy, our producer's, studio in Hackney. It's very cold but it's very close to an excellent Turkish restaurant, so it's OK.

Finally, what's next for Peggy Sue after this tour?
Katy: Perhaps our long awaited R'n'B covers album.

Choir of Echoes is out now on Wichita. Peggy Sue play Oslo on Tuesday 15 April. By the time of our feature going live, this show has sold out.

Last Updated 14 April 2014