Crowdfunding London: February

Chris Lockie
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Crowdfunding London: February

Carlo & The Fed

This month's round-up of London-based projects returns to Kickstarter, with a focus on the moving image.

Carlo and The Fed

Mark Crumpler is a former Metropolitan police officer who hopes to bring his own experiences to life in Carlo & The Fed, a children's animation about a city cop and his trusty canine sidekick. As Mark himself passionately explains in his Kickstarter video, it's bizarre that there's never been a kid's cop show that portrays city police (as opposed to village plod like PC Pinkerton) as decent and honourable - much like you suspect from watching the video Mark himself almost certainly was right up to his 2012 retirement.

So to help Mark and his team raise funds for production and help us all erase the memory of the risible Officer Dibble from Top Cat, head over to Kickstarter now. Pledge rewards include t-shirts and signed scripts, and there are about three weeks left of the funding drive.

Bad Taste

Bad Taste

Not a remake of the Peter Jackson film of the same name (how has no-one done that yet?), but the story of an encounter between two friends, some years after one of them has had a sex change. Set in a pub in Isleworth, it explores how friendship goes through changes and the confusion some people encounter when confronting gender stereotypes.

Don't be put off by the line in the Kickstarter that says the money raised will be spent on 'hiring out a pub for two days' — it's the film's location, after all. Pledge rewards include shirts, an invite to the set (it's a pub! result!) and, er, 'a personal thank you video that will include a dance and mariachi style serenade'.

About A Goy

About A Goy

A splendid title for the story of Shmiel, a Hasidic Jew torn between his community and the outside world. This is a short film exploring London's Hasidic Jewish community, set in Stamford Hill, from writer/director Billy Lumby.

The film has already been shot, but Billy and his team need funding to help get it over the line and onto our screens. For your cash you can expect an invite to the premiere, an item of clothing or prop from the film and the final cut on DVD.



Politics and football clash head-on in this tale of a five-a-side match on a rooftop pitch in south-east London. The film follows Riley, a rising star at the local football academy, who is confronted during the game by a face from his past and a few uncomfortable revelations on the way to the film's dramatic conclusion.

The black-and-white film takes its cues from Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait. Rewards include stills from behind the scenes, a golden ticket to the cast and crew screening and, of course, a signed football.

The Real People of LARP


LARP is Live Action Role Play, and this is a documentary about the people who take part in it. It's set in the perhaps unlikely surroundings of the Chislehurst Caves — a set of man-made tunnels in the borough of Bromley used for storing ammunition, a shelter during the Second World War and later a music venue.

People have a certain opinion of those who enjoy LARPing about of a weekend, and the documentary hopes to eliminate such false impressions as may exist. Plenty of people have found this an intriguing prospect as the project is already close to its target, but you can still back it for another week or so and rewards include the soundtrack, a mention in the credits and of course the completed film.

Images courtesy of each Kickstarter project.

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