See 50 Hours Of Improvisation

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 62 months ago
See 50 Hours Of Improvisation

Mark Watson has done 24 hour shows. The Old Vic does 24 hour plays, though the audience is only let in for the final bit. Improvathon thumbs its nose at such lightweights and makes up a witty diss on the spot, for its epic improvisation session lasts 50 hours.

The plan is to create 25 two-hour 'episodes' of a soap opera set aboard the Starship Xanadu – and as the sleep deprivation hits, we'd expect the soapy hysteria to ramp up to epic levels. There's a core of 25 actors who'll do the full stint but you can also expect top guest appearances from Cariad Lloyd, Ruth Bratt, Pippa Evans, Mark Meer and others.

If you want to do the marathon along with the actors you can get a ticket for £55. If you just want to dip in and out it's £10 for an 'episode' (two hour show) or £7 concessions. Once you're there, if you feel like staying on you can buy another ticket for a fiver.

Improvathon runs 24-26 January at the Park Theatre in Finsbury Park. It starts at 7pm and new episodes start on odd numbered hours. Improvathon is part of the London Jam Festival. To book tickets see the Park Theatre website.

Last Updated 16 January 2014