Riotous And Imaginative: Elephantom At The Shed

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Riotous And Imaginative: Elephantom At The Shed

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Photograph by Charlotte Macmillan

We have an Elephantom.
He turned up on a Tuesday,
just after tea-time.

The Elephantom has been at the National Theatre since the beginning of December - he really did turn up on a Tuesday, and just after tea-time. If you haven’t visited this giant-sized, ghosty, pachyderm puppet yet then there is still time to. He is blundering, bellowing and making a general nuisance in the National Theatre’s lovely pop-up theatre space, The Shed, until 11 January.

A wordless, highly visual show, The Elephantom follows the story of a young girl whose daily tedium with preoccupied parents takes an unexpected turn when, invisible to all but her, The Elephantom turns up. Small spaces aren’t made for big creatures though (even ghost ones) and soon enough, he’s causing a lot of trouble.

The Elephantom, adapted by Ben Power from the picture book by Ross Collins, demands little of its audience beyond sitting back and enjoying the calamitous spectacle. The Elephantom’s big, billowy balloon body swoops out over the audience, his trunk swivels, his ears flap, and what's this? Oh, he’s invited some of his mates over for a late night boogie around the girl’s living room to Deee-Lite’s Groove Is In The Heart.

Suitable for children aged four and over, as well as grown-ups of all ages, The Elephantom is a riotous hour of imaginative silliness, unrelenting calamity and masterful puppetry. A lot of fun indeed.

The Elephantom is at The Shed until 11 January 2014. Tickets cost £12 and can be booked online or via the box office on 020 7452 3000.

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