New London Music: The Death Of Pop

Chris Lockie
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New London Music: The Death Of Pop

The Death Of Pop

We would be forgiven for thinking pop had died long ago, having watched it being murdered on our television screens most Saturday nights for years. But now it's finally happened, and it turns out that's a wonderful thing.

The Death of Pop are a quartet of London-based musicians who play what's been named 'janglegaze', a dubious term they claim to be happy to be related to. There's certainly an early 90s feel about much of the music they've been working on since they got together in 2012 – an obvious reference would be fellow Londoners The House of Love (who are still going, somewhat implausibly), as demonstrated in the excellent track Tasteless.

Tasteless is one of 16 songs released by the band in 2013 and every one is available at their Bandcamp page – all 16 generously offered at 'name your price'. And trust us, it's a bargain however much you choose.

The band's members are from all over – Thom lives in Wimbledon, Oliver lives on Portobello Road most of the week but occasionally in Bournemouth, Angus mixes it up between Devon and South London, while Isaac is finishing a degree in Sheffield and kipping on many London floors when in action with the band.

They practice in Acton and play mostly in Shoreditch, though this Saturday (1 February) you can catch them at the Barfly in Camden. The band's fifth member, George Abram, is a visual artist who does all their videos, artwork (including the disturbing image at the top here) and live projections at gigs, so the Barfly show should be something special.

Future plans include an EP to be released early April, according to Isaac from the band "on a really fun label, which we unfortunately can't tell you about yet, on a fun format, which again we can't yet disclose". Intriguing stuff from a set of musicians you should be hearing a lot more about across town in the coming months.

Last Updated 30 January 2014