New London Music: July Child

Chris Lockie
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New London Music: July Child

July Child

Londonist is delighted to welcome a July Child to the world - or, more accurately, two July children.

Amber Clara and Kiks met at primary school in Barnet, having been born a stone's throw away from each other, on the exact same July day five years earlier. Following school they went to different universities, but the pull of Barnet was just too strong and they both returned, where they subsequently decided to set up their new musical endeavour with its thoroughly apt name.

Having spent nearly a year in the studio honing their sound, they're finally ready to brave the wilds of public opinion, but they should have little to worry about. July Child play a sultry style of melancholy pop, well underlined by debut single Liquid Form.

There are no plans to rush out an album - while everything is written and recorded, they are looking to team up with a producer or two who can flesh out the duo's distinctive sound. Aside from their first physical release, July Child hope that 2014 will include more writing and producing, collaborations with different artists, shows around the country and a couple of festivals in the summer.

More immediately, however, you can check out their first headline show, at the Borderline in Soho on Friday 21 February. Support on the night comes from fellow north Londoners Wild Sun (about whom you are likely to hear more on these pages in the coming weeks), plus Oxford-based Empty White Circles.

You can download July Child's Liquid Form for free from the band's website, as well as sign up for email updates and the usual social media shenanigans to keep track of a London group with great potential right from the off.

Last Updated 24 January 2014