Be Inspired By The Tube

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 60 months ago
Be Inspired By The Tube


There are loads of things you can do with the tube as well as ride it and swear at it when things go wrong. Go to Toynbee Studios on 15 January to hear about a few of them.

Billed as seven speakers talking for seven minutes about things they've done with the tube, Tube Kultura messes with the concept of numbers (much like Transport for London can magically make one minute on the indicator board last five) by actually listing eight people. One of them's our own film-maker and Tube Challenge world record holder Geoff Marshall, as well as Adham Fisher who does the Tube Challenge around the world, the man behind the synaethesia tube map, an artist, a musician, a poet, a teacher and Shaun Buswell who put together an orchestra of strangers met on the Underground.

The event blurb says it's all about

how having pride, opinions or your very own quirky take or story about the Tube, is an essential badge that marks out the dignity of being a Londoner.

We'll say yes to that.

Tube Kultura takes place at 7.30pm on 15 January at Toynbee Studios, 28 Commercial Street E1. Tickets £5.

Last Updated 13 January 2014