What Are Those Buttons On The DLR For?

Dean Nicholas
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What Are Those Buttons On The DLR For?


So you're on the morning commute, packed standing at a disagreeable angle in a stopped DLR train on the inclined bit of track that bears Bank bound services down into the Square Mile's subterranean parts, when your eyes alight on the boxy control panel situated beside the door. Buttons, lamps, odd-shaped knobs. What do they all mean? Here's our best guess:

RTD - Ready To Drive. The doors are all closed and the train can proceed.

ADC - All Doors Closed. Alerts the Passenger Service Agent (PSA) that, er, all the doors on the train are closed.

I - we're not too sure exactly what it stands for, but it's an emergency light ('immergency?').

Next is the key fob, which allows the PSA to operate the following buttons...

ROD - Re-open Other Doors (any similarity to Private Rod is purely coincidental).

CTD - Close This Door.

COD - Close Other Doors.

PA - Public Announcement (don't call it a Tannoy)

Obviously, this is a supremely boring list of acronyms, and we're sure you can come up with better ideas in the comments; for inspiration, here's an attempt to turn them into a poem.

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