Adult Panto Dick Comes Again Is Good Dirty Fun

By Stuart Black Last edited 63 months ago
Adult Panto Dick Comes Again Is Good Dirty Fun

Photo by Elyse Marks

What on earth does the "adult panto" say about the English psyche? Horny fairies, a transvestite in haute couture and a hero in a dirty mac called Dick - and all of them asking the "boys and girls" in the audience to join in with a stream of filthy songs and unprintably smutty catchphrases. Dildos, Benny Hill, Blurred Lines and twerking - it's basically a psychiatrist's wet dream. But why bother analysing this bizarrely British phenomenon when you should just lie back and think of Christmas?

Three people walked out of Saturday's performance, but those who submitted were all singing along and swearing like sailors by the end of the show. Despite a tiny budget and a cramped theatre space, the legendary drag queen Dusty 'O' and her talented team of actors kept the single entendres coming, coming, oh-god-I'm-coming (you get the idea) until there wasn't a dry seat in the house (it's all at least as bad as that). The cast have great chemistry and sell even the groaners in Stuart Saint's script, while the frenzied energy means the recycled gags and end-of-the-pier 'in-your-end-ohs' more or less deserve a pass too.

Be prepared for audience participation and by "prepared" we mean "get drunk". But hey, it's Christmas - take the office party and get stuck in. "Dick Comes Again" is as fruity as a mince pie and infectious as the clap.

"Dick Comes Again: Bigger, Longer, Harder" is on at the Leicester Square Theatre until 19 January 2014. Not for the easily offended! Londonist saw this play on a complimentary ticket.

Last Updated 02 December 2013