The Other Club

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The Other Club


The Other Club is a new Soho members' club, communal workspace and cultural hub (equipped with a bar, naturally) intended particularly for London's bright, professional and hard-working women. If what you do defines who you are – scientist, writer, artist, restaurateur, film maker, City worker — this is the place for you. The ethos is one of inclusion and, although priority is given to women, men are also welcome as long as they are accompanied by a girl friend.

The venture is a collaborative effort between journalists and long-term friends Katie Glass and Joy Lo Dico who started the project on a very small scale, for journalists only. When it proved a hit with peers, and creatives from other industries wanted in, they took the next logical step, reaching out to others who wanted to get involved.

Interested? Here's why you should get yourself down there:


Freelancers craving calm can set up shop with their laptops, smart phones, or with the iPads available, as the space functions as a quiet retreat in the heart of Carnaby Street. You can nip out for a coffee between e-mails and get a discount from the nearby Moosh. Desks can be claimed between 10am and 6pm (£5 half day/£8 full) and booking automatically includes membership.


The programme of delightfully provocative talks feature accomplished women leading discussions on topics and issues relevant to professional females. One event sees a bunnygirl with a PhD in a debate with the campaign against page three. Another talk features Mary Beard on Syria. These are already sold out, but there's still plenty to choose from – Catherine Hakim gives a controversial lecture on The New Rules (£10) of love, dating and fidelity in the internet age, while The Omnivore Pin Up (£5/free) encourages you to bring in your favourite erotic prose (personally, we'd go with Delta of Venus).

Eat and drink (wine. And plenty of it)

The busy events schedule is regularly peppered with industry-focused supperclubs (£20), from dinner with the law, to city girls and scientists. The club also opens its doors later in the evening, around 8pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays, 7pm Friday evenings, for those who want to pop in for food and drink, networking and chats.

The Other Club is at First Floor, Kingly Court, off Carnaby Street, W1B 5PW and runs until Friday 15 November. Members Only, check the site for how to become a member. Early booking for events is strongly recommended.

Last Updated 07 October 2013