Man Made Climate Change An Illusion, Claims FCC Twitter

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 96 months ago
Man Made Climate Change An Illusion, Claims FCC Twitter

If you're looking for a job in social media, there may be one going at First Capital Connect. The train company was today forced to issue an apology when one of its customer service tweeters decided to explain to a passenger that climate change is an "illusion".

Rob Francis (@livingprocess) took to Twitter this morning, wondering why there were energy-guzzling outdoor heaters on Finsbury Park platforms. "Jay" used his employer's account to say the following:

"Hi, if the heaters are doing their job ie warming staff then its not a waste. And the illusion about man made climate change

has been shattered by numerous scientific reports. The earths climate changes naturally, has throughout time. ^Jay

Using the Vostok Ice Core data, it suggest that we are part of an upward trend which has been going on for millenia

Given that First Capital Connect devotes a page on its website to sustainability and encouraging people to travel by train to reduce their CO2 impact, and coming so soon after the IPCC report declared as much certainty in man-made climate change as scientists have that smoking causes lung cancer, that's a bit embarrassing. "Jay" tried to do some damage control but was swiftly replaced by colleagues, and an apology. Another story for the 'what not to do on social media' file.

That is a personal view in response to a query. ^Jay

We apologise. This is NOT the view of FCC - we are very environmentally aware. We have new electric car points, and X2 number of bike racks.

Last Updated 11 October 2013