Man Made Climate Change An Illusion, Claims FCC Twitter

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 55 months ago
Man Made Climate Change An Illusion, Claims FCC Twitter

If you're looking for a job in social media, there may be one going at First Capital Connect. The train company was today forced to issue an apology when one of its customer service tweeters decided to explain to a passenger that climate change is an "illusion".

Rob Francis (@livingprocess) took to Twitter this morning, wondering why there were energy-guzzling outdoor heaters on Finsbury Park platforms. "Jay" used his employer's account to say the following:

"Hi, if the heaters are doing their job ie warming staff then its not a waste. And the illusion about man made climate change

has been shattered by numerous scientific reports. The earths climate changes naturally, has throughout time. ^Jay

Using the Vostok Ice Core data, it suggest that we are part of an upward trend which has been going on for millenia

Given that First Capital Connect devotes a page on its website to sustainability and encouraging people to travel by train to reduce their CO2 impact, and coming so soon after the IPCC report declared as much certainty in man-made climate change as scientists have that smoking causes lung cancer, that's a bit embarrassing. "Jay" tried to do some damage control but was swiftly replaced by colleagues, and an apology. Another story for the 'what not to do on social media' file.

That is a personal view in response to a query. ^Jay

We apologise. This is NOT the view of FCC - we are very environmentally aware. We have new electric car points, and X2 number of bike racks.

Last Updated 11 October 2013


Prove me wrong but it was only a “maybe” consensus and science has never said or agreed a crisis “will be”; inevitable or eventual and the IPCC has agreed on nothing beyond “could be”. So why are you remaining believers saying a crisis WILL happen when science has not?

If “could be” is good enough for you to condemn your own kids that’s fine but you can’t say a crisis WILL happen, only “could” happen.

Do as science does; NEVER say a crisis WILL happen, only could.

Helen Lewis

This is insanitey i have been on one of their trains and was shocke there was a heat emerging from beneathj one of the chairs and so I LIFTED THE SEAT RIGHT OFF THE CHAIR and into the chair there was a glowing orb and I picked it up and it was so hot that all the skin off my hands came off and I was left wtih bonehands and the orb dropped and roled along the floor of the train and my fingers crumbled and then the ticket collector picked up the orb and sonehow he was not burned and he put the orb in his bag and i followed him down the carriage and though i could not open the door from carriage to carriage with my stumps that were once my hands and i attempted to ask for mediacal assistance but it was like he didn't here me fortunately there was no pain but the little crumbs of bone that were all that were left of my hands and now have pros thesis but what was the orb and what was it doing on the train and why was it so hot and why do they feel they do not trust us with the truth and why do first capital connect not compensate me from destruction of my only hands from a device that was concealed in the seat of their train and where did it come from and why do they not respond to my numberous attemps to contact them and why will the mainstream meadia not touch this and this is a REAL scandal that is going on and yet all the papers just "oh the us goverment close" or "oh the energy price up" and still no explanation of the orb or how my hands were entirey destroyed we demand answers First Capital Connect we demand an anser

Mark Brown

it is interesting to note how many people really want to believe man is causing catastrophic climate change via CO2 emissions. I don't doubt that mans activities go into the system and have an affect. In fact it has to be a human goal to be able to manage the climate. People are working that don't you worry. What would be a guaranteed catastrophe for everyone would be the temperature dropping 5 degrees. The earth has spent most of its history way cooler than it is now, and it is warming that enables life to thrive. All I am saying is that there are a significant number of scientists who are less convinced that we are accurately forecasting cause and effect of CO2 emissions. If the current temperature plateau continues for another decade, as it has for the last decade and half (undisputed by IPCC) then it is back to the drawing board.As an aside I think it would good to move away from fossil fuels just because they are dirty to extract, and cause conflict. We should aim to leave the planet as we find it.

I wonder how many people don't believe in god believe 100% in man made CO2 related global warming. Not much proof for either :-)

And guys before you start flaming me, it's good to listen to all views and remember in science, very few things are 100%.. we deal in probabilities


The IPCC report proves man made climate change is as certain as smoking causing lung cancer? Oh please!

But why waste money on the outdoor heaters? That's the sensible question.