Crowdfunding London: October

Chris Lockie
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Crowdfunding London: October


This month's London crowdfunding round-up focuses on the website Sponsume, in its own words "a crowdfunding platform and community dedicated to creativity and innovation", itself based in London. Here are five creative types who currently need your help to get their passion out there.

The Fabularium!
Founded in London in 1987, the Crick Crack Club is a storytelling and performance art group that has designs on spreading its somewhat bizarre word. The Fabularium will be a portable 'pop out' theatre space that the group can use to tour their "wild haven of fairytale, myth and epic – a place of pure performance, playfulness, and utter enchantment".

Yes, it is an actual, physical, moveable building-cum-contraption, the blueprints of which can be seen on the project's Sponsume page. The Crick Crack Club are looking to raise half the Fabularium's £10,000 costs and are already over a quarter of the way there. Stump up and you could earn anything from a 'scroll of heartfelt thanks' to having your name emblazoned on the side of the Fabularium itself!

Light Up The Cally 2013
This laudable project's sole objective is nothing more complicated than a bid to brighten up Caledonian Road for the festive period. A 'switching on ceremony' is planned for 1 December, mulled wine and roast chestnuts have been mentioned and organiser Jan Dorling deserves the huge smile she's promised for every £2 donation.

With a modest target of only £250 it won't take many of us to light up an oft-neglected road just a stone's throw from shiny new King's Cross.

The Answer to Life, the Universe, and Nothing
Offering an audience no answers with the title of a new play is an interesting marketing pitch, but the Answers project attempts to tackle life's big questions with both insight and humour, and apparently many, many biscuits.

One question answered is "Why is life so bloody complicated?" and we could perhaps all do with chipping in a few bob to get to the bottom of that one. Pledge rewards include the chance to drop in on a rehearsal and a personalised thank-you video from the cast. All donations go towards theatre and rehearsal space rent. Plus biscuits.

Adopt a Playwright
Satinder Chohan is a playwright from Southall, West London, and graduate of King's College London. She is the sixth writer and third woman to win the prestigious Adopt A Playwright Award run by campaigning website

With pledge rewards from £20 and upwards you can help finance Satinder as she puts together her new play Mother India, a story set in a fertility clinic in Gujarat, India’s ‘rent-a-womb’ capital of the world for wealthy women of the West. Rewards include a personal reading of the work in progress to a personally signed copy of the script.

The Fastest Clock In The Universe
First performed in 1992 at The Hampstead Theatre (starring a then unknown Jude Law), The Fastest Clock In The Universe is a Philip Ridley play about to be reimagined by the Dréim Productions theatre company and TREMers, a London-based cross-genre theatre group.

The new production will star Dyllan Lewellyn and Ian Houghton and is set to be staged from 5-30 November at The Old Red Lion Theatre in Islington. Rewards for donations include a special thanks in the production programme for just a fiver to complimentary tickets to the press night on 7 November.

Last Updated 17 October 2013