Videos And YouTube Gags With Adam Buxton

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Videos And YouTube Gags With Adam Buxton


There isn't much functional difference between the Adam and Joe shows and Buxton's latest pseudo-stand-up-but-actually-more-AV-based Kernel Panic, but honestly, Londonist loved the Adam and Joe Show, so despite a shaky start and Buxton's stilted manner of delivery, we loved this, too.

Although it's hard to explain exactly why. We don't know why. Stop asking. We just liked the part where Buxton superimposed his mouth onto moody footage of Brad Pitt and sang songs about doing a little poo. Again: we don't know why.

The whole show is, on the face of it, puerile, juvenile and a little bit mean-spirited. There's a few extended sequences where Buxton reads misspelled YouTube comments in funny voices, for example; anyone else performing the same bit, this would be a one-star review, but Adam Buxton delivers it with unbelievable relish.

The bottom line is that there are people in this world for whom the Moby song is screamingly funny, and the rest of the people in the world just won't get it. Kernel Panic is, yes, more of the same, but it's fucking hilarious provided you were already into it before.

Kernel Panic is on at the Union Chapel, Compton Terrace, Islington. Next available date is Saturday 12 October, £20 / £18. All dates on the current run have sold out so buy quickly. Londonist saw this show on a complimentary press ticket.

Last Updated 14 September 2013