Set Synths To Sensual: Hypnotic Tango At The Shelter

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Set Synths To Sensual: Hypnotic Tango At The Shelter

rsz_vian (1)What better way to enjoy the final throes of summer than with Hypnotic Tango’s showcase of the magical music of Italo?

You might not recognize the name but you’ll definitely recognize the sound. This is a world of stargazing synth arpeggios, crisp drum machines and a lyrical focus on love, space and robots. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry – it will make you want to get in the next round of Daiquiris. If you don’t find that appealing, well quite frankly you’re hogging oxygen for the rest of us.

Tonight marks the sole UK date for numero uno Italo selectors De Dupe and Hysteric. As anyone who’s delved into the shadowy world of Italo blogs and discog listings know, the genre is cavernous and the best gems notoriously hard to track down. The Indiana Jones of Italo, De Dupe has gone adventuring into the archives, restoring lost classics like Patrizia Pellegrino’s “Musica Spaziale” back onto wax and onto the dreamiest of dancefloors. Alongside him is Australian Hysteric who runs Mothball Records from his base in Melbourne, putting out mixes good enough to stop the country’s political infighting, restore its sporting dominance and find a cure for koala chlamydia.

Dovetailing nicely are some sets from local lads Ali Renault, formerly of the criminally-underrated Italo revival act Heartbreak, and analogue bad-man Brassica. As on his future-rave smash “Lydden Circuit” the latter dominates the dancefloor by applying a tough modern casing to vintage electronic forms. Setting the synths to sensual, tonight's event will transform the sweaty environs of Hoxton’s Shelter to a night out on the Italian Riviera.

Hypnotic Tango with De Dupe, Hysteric, Ali Renault & Brassica at The Shelter, tonight. Tickets and information here.

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Last Updated 06 September 2013