Met Police To Throw Open Doors This Weekend

Andy Thornley
By Andy Thornley Last edited 66 months ago
Met Police To Throw Open Doors This Weekend

Police officers
Meet your local copper this Sunday

For most law-abiding Londonist readers, what happens inside their local police station is something of a mystery. Until now.

The Metropolitan Police will hold a series of open days across London that will give the public an opportunity to see what goes on behind the doors of their local nick.

The events take place during Open House Weekend (more of which later), but are not part of the official programme. The type of activities taking place are specific to each police station but include the likes of public order techniques and handling of protective equipment from the Territorial Support Group (TSG), fingerprint-taking demonstrations, cycle security marking, and custody procedures. You can also see police horses, dogs, puppies and response cars. Usually only criminals get to be this near to the Met and the tools of its trade.

The events run from 10am to 4pm and no appointment is needed; simply rock up to your local station and get involved.

Unfortunately, the Met hasn’t put together a central list of stations taking part, but suggest visiting your local borough police’s internet page for further details.

NB: ‘Sun Hill Nick’, as famed in The Bill, is not included in the open day, primarily because it's not a real police station. You can however visit this cop-shop during the spring months as part of Wimbledon Studios tour, which offers tours of the famous set.

Last Updated 20 September 2013