Meet Luigi At Nintendo StreetPass Event

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 64 months ago
Meet Luigi At Nintendo StreetPass Event


Take your Nintendo 3DS to Waterloo on Saturday for a day full of StreetPass and gaming events.

StreetPass is where 3DS users can automatically swap content for games just by passing in close promixity to one another. Get a load of 3DSs in one place, and your exchange options are vastly increased. But it's not just about people milling around waiting for consoles to talk to each other. There'll be a real life Puzzle Swap panel game, where you can add your own puzzle pieces to large puzzle panels, play Mario Kart 7 and Luigi's Mansion 2 to win prize swag and – yes – meet Luigi.

The fun starts at 9am on Saturday 28 September at Waterloo station.

Last Updated 26 September 2013