Things To Do In London Today: Tuesday 27 August 2013

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Make yourself go pop with Jaded Makeup's masterclass, details below.


Blimey, not much happening today. Sorry. It's going to be sunny, though, so if you have some spare time, we can't recommend anything more highly than sitting under a tree in one of London's parks, and simply thinking about the wonderful, artful, tragic, beautiful and horrible things that make up our world. Otherwise...

BLOOD: Today’s opportunity to donate blood is at the O2 Centre in Swiss Cottage. Free, see site for terms and conditions.

PAPER AND PONG: Take part in a ping-pong tournament (£5, just turn up, 6.30pm) or practise your game design skills at a free weekly game producing night (free, just turn up, 7.30pm), both at The Book Club in Shoreditch.

MAKEUP GOES POP: Jaded Makeup shares her incredible looking Lichenstein-inspired makeup design, which can transform guys and girls into a walking, talking piece of pop-art. £10.75, prebook, 7pm

GOOD CAUSE CRAFT: The Make Escape puts on another free night of crafty goodness at Hackney Attic, but this time they’ve teamed up with War On Want and The Craftivists for their Love Fashion Hate Sweatshops campaign. As well as talks about the campaign, attendees can learn to stitch mini protest banners as well as the usual jewellery making and sewing/knitting workshops. Free, just turn up, 7.30pm

Good Cause of the Day

Take a walk with the world's largest polar bear for Greenpeace this September. Aurora is a part-protest, part-performance, giant puppet — the size of a double decker bus. She will be the voice and spirit of the Arctic and everyone defending it in a parade through London with Greenpeace, a charity that work towards an ecologically healthy and peaceful world. At the same time, people in over 70 cities across the world will be joining in to create a massive global protest against Arctic destruction. Free, sign up online, Sunday 15 September

London Connection Puzzle

Last week's solution? All were names of bells in the folk song Oranges and Lemons — specifically, the bells that were not directly named. "Sepulchre" was St Sepulchre, or the bells of Old Bailey; "Leonard" is St Leonard, or the Bells of Shoreditch; Mary was St-Mary-Le-Bow (the Great Bell of Bow); and Dunstan, St Dunstan, is the Bells of Stepney. Well done to Dave Brown, who got it from just one clue (somehow). He's set this week's puzzle, which begins with the clue-word NELSON. Your next clue tomorrow.

From Londonist’s Archive

Two years ago, we met The Whirling Dervishes Of West London to find you what makes them spin.

London Weather by Inclement Attlee

Oh Jesus-H-Schafernaker, it's midnight on Bank Holiday Monday and I've not got round to looking into the weather. And I'm a bit drunk. Hic. So please take this with a pinch of meteorological salt. Hic. By all accounts (and by all accounts, I mean the two I've looked at...I mean, I haven't asked the guy next door, who's sitting semi-naked on his balcony right now, burping, and thinks I haven't seen him... he's not going to have a usable account of the weather, so I'm not going to bother asking him...but as near to 'all accounts' as would be reasonably expected...), it should be a marvellously sunny day, with pleasing temperatures and very few haddocks. Did I say haddocks? I meant sturgeons. Hic. Please ignore me, and come back tomorrow when I is more sobre. In summary: hic.