Experience Stockhausen's KLANG Inside Timepiece

By Lindsey Last edited 66 months ago
Experience Stockhausen's KLANG Inside Timepiece

Timepiece, photo by Stephen White

On what would have been composer Karlheinz Stockhausen's 85th birthday, extracts from his epic KLANG-Die 24 Stunden des Tages will be performed at The Roundhouse.

Translated, it means SOUND-The 24 Hours of the Day, and a canny choice for presenting inside Conrad Shawcross's Timepiece installation in the Main Space. London Contemporary Orchestra have selected four pieces from the sadly unfinished cycle - he got as far as hour 21 before he died - a diverse programme demonstrating both chamber works and purely electronic pieces.

The showcase offers the opportunity to think about how we experience time, expressing the hours through sound, colour, movement and even (as an optional extra) taste. The composed assigned each hour its own colour, and you can experience these slices of time gastronomically, with a special £20 menu to add to the sensory experience. Meanwhile the dance of light and shadow from Shawcross's installation will spin the clock-like structure of the Roundhouse to mathematically precise choreography.

London Contemporary Orchestra perform KLANG at The Roundhouse on Thursday 22 August at 9pm. Tickets £15 (standing), £25 seated). Prep yourself for the music by reading this intriguing blogpost about interpreting KLANG.

Last Updated 20 August 2013