Vinyl Lending Library Coming To Stoke Newington

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Vinyl Lending Library Coming To Stoke Newington


Vinyl sales may be on the up and luxury record players enjoying their time in the spotlight, but not everybody wants to pay for LPs they might have given away for free in the era of the compact disc.

Happily there will soon be another option: The Vinyl Library, founded by Elly Rendall and Sophie Austin, will  loan out records to the public. It'll cost a pound to join the cooperative, with £10 monthly membership fee, and you'll be able to take out five records at one time. Donating records will get you a limited free membership. The duo are relying mostly on peoples' honesty, and the fact that it's run by volunteers, to ensure the discs get returned; borrowing any rare or valuable records will require a deposit.

In this interview with The Guardian, the pair reveal their motivations:

We were DJing UK garage sets ... we wanted to build up our vinyl collection. We didn't have the budget to buy a whole new collection, there's no vinyl in libraries any more and we have quite eclectic tastes, so we thought: 'Wouldn't it be great to have a vinyl library?'

It's an interesting idea, and we wish them well, although we're not entirely sure who it's aimed at: DJs who want a something for a particular gig but don't want to shell out for it, perhaps, although most DJs pride themselves on their own collections, crafted over countless hours of crate-digging.

The Vinyl Library is at Unit 1, Foulden Road, N16 7UU.

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Last Updated 02 July 2013