An Opulent Stuart Masque At Banqueting House

By Lindsey Last edited 67 months ago
An Opulent Stuart Masque At Banqueting House

Tempe Restored

For one night only, you are invited to "roister" with King Charles I and Queen Henrietta Maria at the recreation of an opulent Stuart masque, the first the Banqueting House has seen since 1635.

Tempe Restored is an immersive theatrical experience of two parts; the first a world of disorder and vice, while the second sees order restored by the court and dancing ensues.

On arrival, guests will be given the role of either a gross beast or a celestial being and a mask to match. There'll also be a glass of wine in the Undercroft to help you get into character before the chaotic revels begin. You will be encouraged to behave differently to normal but the extent to which you choose to immerse yourself in the world of the masque is totally up to you.

So, will the Maker of the Masque deem you celestial being or gross beast?

Tempe Restored is on Saturday 27 July at Banqueting House on Whitehall. Tickets are £28 and include a glass of wine on arrival. Over 18s only.

Last Updated 23 July 2013