Naga In Kensington Opens The First Tofu Bar In The UK

By Janan Jay Last edited 67 months ago
Naga In Kensington Opens The First Tofu Bar In The UK

Bored of Burgers? Feel like bucking the beefy trend? Then try the UK’s first ever tofu bar, now open at Naga, High Street Kensington.

The bean-curd-based ingredient is especially popular in Asia, where it's not so associated with vegetarianism. Dedicated eateries can be found all over Japan, China and Korea.

Far from being a bland, uninspiring white lumpy foodstuff, it’s deceptively versatile, and can be produced – and cooked — in varying forms and textures. Naga offers such dishes as chilled silken tofu, crispy tofu with seven spice pepper, steamed silken tofu, and sprout-stuffed tofu pouches. If you’re finding it hard to go cold turkey on the American food joints, spicy tofu fries are also on offer. You addict.

Cocktails. Of course there are cocktails – including a twisted tofu martini, where milk is swapped out for the soy-stuff and thrown in with Frangelico, Kahlua and dark crème de cacao. Hmmm.

The best part is that it’s not cynically cashing in on the ‘exotic’ and ‘new’ labels – each dish is a wallet-friendly £3.50. Not bad for an uber-healthy hangout.

Apart from those tofu fries, which probably aren't healthy. At all.

Naga Tofu Bar is now open at 2 Abingdon Road, London, W8 6AF, 020 7795 6060

Last Updated 10 June 2013