Exclusive: Autoheart Premiere Their New Video For ‘Agoraphobia’

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Exclusive: Autoheart Premiere Their New Video For ‘Agoraphobia’

When we interviewed Autoheart back in January 2012 and implied that their debut album was iminent we weren't setting out intentionally to deceive you, readers. No, the thing is - as you know, the music industry nowadays is a bit unpredictable and artists can be sitting on finished material for quite some time before finding the best route to releasing it.

But you can put your 'We Want It Now!' placards down because the wait is actually over and the London five-piece-turned-four-piece are about to release said debut, Punch, next month. To save you sleepless nights over whether or not this album is going to be worth spending several pounds sterling on, we selflessly had a listen and can report that, yes, this album is worth spending several pounds sterling on. Possibly not more than £10 but only because that would take it well above the average price for an album, however brilliant (which this record pretty much is).

To celebrate the release of Punch, the band are having an acoustic album launch at the Servant Jazz Quarters on the 27 June, which will be followed by an official album launch party at the Hoxton Bar and Kitchen on Friday 19 July. In addition, the chaps have shot a video for their new single, Agoraphobia, which they are premiering exclusively here on Londonist.

Filmed by Autoheart themselves all over London, the video follows a man-rabbit on his day out in the city. "It's a song about loneliness and alienation and being afraid", the band told us. "The rabbit reflects that. He is trying to make a connection with the world outside but can't - people ignore him and some stare. It's quite tragic and funny at the same time".  We agree.

Using only their phones, the band followed Mr Bunny on his escapade. "What you see is what happened", they say.

How many different London spots can you recognise in the promo? No points for picking out Holloway Road tube station - that one's well obvious!

Punch is out on 15 July on O/R Records

Last Updated 06 June 2013