Is The Queen Set To Get A New Menu?

Andy Thornley
By Andy Thornley Last edited 68 months ago
Is The Queen Set To Get A New Menu?

Today is the last day that those who can handle the heat in the kitchen can apply to be the new sous chef at Buckingham Palace. The job description is fascinating.

The wage is £23,000 per year and the successful applicant must have a good knowledge of 'kitchen French' (does this mean swearing en francais a la Gordon Ramsey?)

The chefs are as likely to deal with events ranging from banquets for 200 to lunches for two (cosy!). Although the role is based in the Queen's central London residence, the job actually requires around three months to be spent away from London in the Queen's other homes such as Balmoral and Sandringham.

We wondered whether a new chef might bring some new food experiences; cue the Londonist Right Royal Menu:

Breakfast: Ma'amalade on toast

Lunch: Sandering-HAM sandwich

Dinner: A choice of: Spaghetti Boleynaise or The Madras of King George

Dessert: The King's Peach

All served by the Household Carvery. The new chef would also need to deal with complaints ('Waiter, waiter, there's an heir in my soup...').

What other pun-laden items could the Queen expect to see on her menu — add yours below.

Last Updated 10 May 2013