Clerkenwell Design Week, 21-23 May 2013

Dean Nicholas
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Clerkenwell Design Week, 21-23 May 2013

Clerkenwell's annual celebration of all things design is nearly upon us once again.

CDW is part trade fair, part marketing blitz, but it also packs in a fair amount for the interested observer. As ever there's a bewildering range of events taking place over the three days; easily the best way to navigate through them is to download the CDW app for iOS. There's also this map, or if you like things neat and list-y, the full programme is also online.

For the uninitiated visitor, much of the appeal lies in getting to tromp around some fine buildings normally off bounds to the public. This year the Farmiloe building on St John's Street, and the labyrinthine House of Detention, are again pressed into action as showrooms, while the Order of St John becomes a venue for the first time. There will also be a pavilion in Charterhouse Square.

Other highlights include a series of village huts designed and built by Architecture for Humanity, and a second collaboration between Canteen and Transport for London. Following up on the 1950s-style transport cafe for last year's London Design Festival, they're bringing a London Transport Mobile Canteen to the Farmiloe building, where it will serve "classic British" scran.

Entry to Clerkenwell Design Week is free, though you'll need to register first.

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margaret cooper

Beautifying Shoreditch-by Margaret Cooper
Margaret Cooper
Tel 00447765927008
Email; mediaqueen2
to; Shoreditch Town Hall 380 Old Street, London EC1V 9LT
dear sir/madam
‘DIGITAL SHOREDITCH’ Proposal for Beautifying Shoreditch-by Margaret Cooper
I am thoroughly enjoying DIGITAL SHOREDITCH, what a long awaited piece of masterful promotion for all involved! BUT!
Shoreditch needs an immediate artistic transformation to evolve and assist in the inspirational local industries Shoreditch is so famous for housing! + it will create a more friendly and approachable location for future businesses
I would like to propose a cost effective simple London launch within all London Universities to amalgamate, sift through their current and alumni students who would like to participate in organizing and volunteering to create a series of Beautifying Shoreditch-with the support of the local businesses, are working hard to design and implement the physical improvements to achieve a renewed and updated look to the high street. We hope to provide a consistent approach to the design of streets and shop fronts, to incorporate and maximise:

• response to the special identity of the local area

• improved appearance, functionality and amenity

• better provision for local people and businesses

• sustainable principles for ongoing continued improvements
A competition to beautify Shoreditch, ex; flower and shrub planting project, have art students from all London Art and fashion colleges to produce and nominate shoreditch areas for artistic colourful additions to local open spaces and businesses (sponsors such as florists/garden centres/DIY Departments stores can all get in to provide tax deductible items and products!)
I look forward to hearing from you all soon
Yours sincerely
Margaret Cooper