Origami Versions Of London Landmarks

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 79 months ago
Origami Versions Of London Landmarks

Origami gift-maker Paper Tango is selling a range of London landmarks, ready to be folded into scale pop-up cards of the capital's more notable buildings.

They've gone for tried and trusted edifices, with a range that incorporates crowd-pleasers like Big Ben*, Buckingham Palace and Tate Modern included (wot, no Trellick Tower?) They'll look great placed next to the architectural models of London that we featured next week. Next up: plasticine London, possibly. Actually, what we'd really like is for someone to build a scale model of London using sticklebrix. Anyone?

You can buy the models on etsy, at £5.99 each.

*yes, yes, yes

Last Updated 04 April 2013