Elevated Cycle Path For Regent's Canal

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 69 months ago
Elevated Cycle Path For Regent's Canal

Via Building Design: a landscape architect has drawn up a plan for a raised cycle path along the Regent's Canal.

As anybody who has traversed the towpath on either two feet or two wheels, things can get congested at times, particularly in summer months when the 'ting' of bike bells are rivalled only by the 'tuts' of aggrieved pedestrians forced to dance between aggressive cyclists. Antony Nelson, a director at Design International, has a solution: a dedicated bike path, between Angel and Hackney, that runs in part over the canal itself. The proposal also calls for a series of cultural hubs along the route. Nelson will be canvassing canal users later in the year, before presenting his idea to the Mayor and Transport for London.

On paper it seems a good idea, although it'll provide yet another obstacle for canalboat captains to manoeuvre around (the path is raised up to 4m in places to allow water-borne craft to pass beneath). Hopefully it won't interfere with the LidoLine, in the unlikely event either project goes ahead.

Further details at Building Design (registration required)

Last Updated 17 April 2013