What The Heck Is Sundance Film Festival All About?

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What The Heck Is Sundance Film Festival All About?

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Sundance is indie film paradise. Over the last 20 or so years Sundance has gained a reputation as the place to get distributors throwing punches over your small, low-budget, experimental and edgy movie. It gets its decidedly unusual name from Robert Redford's character in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid; Redford's Sundance Institute helps filmmakers develop their talents and ideas, and took over the Festival with the Kid's outlaw, outsider values in mind.

Just look at the rollcall of films the Festival has launched. Steven Soderbergh's sex, lies and videotape exploded at the 1989 festival and put both the director and Sundance firmly on the cinematic map. Reservoir Dogs (pictured) was first screened at Sundance in 92, propelling the now two-time Oscar winning Quentin Tarantino into the big time. Kevin Smith's Clerks had been passed over by the big names but after Sundance 94, Miramax handed over 10 times the production budget for the rights. Pi, Moon, Little Miss Sunshine, Before Sunrise and even the first Saw all first had their first outings in front of a public audience at Sundance. Basically: the programmers know their onions.

The only problem with Sundance is that it takes place up a mountain in Utah in the middle of January and is ridiculously cold. (And in Utah.) Good thing, then, that last year they decided to transport a bit of the Festival to London, plus added live music gigs. What will be showing in April this year, we wait with bated breath to find out.

Running 25-28 April Sundance London is set to present four exciting days of live music, the best in independent film fresh from Sundance Film Festival, plus panel discussions, filmmaker Q&As exclusive events and more.

Ticket packages are on sale now! More info: sundance-london.com

Last Updated 04 March 2013