London's Hidden Parks, Gardens And Green Spots Mapped

By Lindsey Last edited 64 months ago
London's Hidden Parks, Gardens And Green Spots Mapped

Since 2008, we've been seeking out, enjoying and writing up posts on London's lesser known green, wild and interesting patches for our Nature-ist series. Now it's March and we can sniff spring in the air, so we've tidied up the archive and mapped them all afresh.

Which ones have you been to and where shall we go next? We're picking up this work in progress and will keep adding to the map as we go.

If maps aren't your thing, browse the Nature-ist archive on Londonist.

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Photo of Northala Fields. It's not exactly hidden but you do have to go up the A40 to find it.

Last Updated 01 March 2013


Paignton Park and Chestnuts Park in Haringey - both little known to anyone who isn't local! Both in quite built-up areas, so all the more loved for being there.

Mark Walley

There's a tiny little garden space that's not listed on Google Maps between Charlotte St and Whitfield Street in Fitzrovia called Crabtree Gardens. It's a surprisingly hidden green spot.

Richard Leeming

Lettsom Gardens in Camberwell is lovely, though you do have to be a member:


Check out Wanstead Park, once home to the grand Wanstead House. Gardens were originally based on the Palace of Versailles, now eerily overgrown. Amazing story.

Footprints of London

I would like to put in a word for Barking Park - really nice restoration last year and one of the few parks still to feature a miniature railway

Roger Manser

This morning I put some spring photos (taken yesterday) on my FB page from Moat End open space in Barnet there any way to get them to you ......

Roger Manser

Check out iGIGL website for more hidden gems


King Edward Memorial Park, Shadwell. It's down by the Thames and threatened by the sewer changes (see for details).

Enchanting place, very popular with local residents, particularly families. Nothing else like it in the East End.

Londoner Kate

Vauxhall park is great. An amazing little family run cafe, tennis courts, play area for kids, section for dogs and flower garden.


Add Walworth Garden Farm