London Burger Bash: Six Of London's Finest Burger-Makers Compete

By Janan Jay Last edited 70 months ago
London Burger Bash: Six Of London's Finest Burger-Makers Compete

Meat is pretty trendy. London Brewery bars are uber* trendy. These are facts. With no signs of either of these things changing any time soon, might we suggest you try the London Burger Bash.

Brought to you by Daniel Young and his team behind the @burgermonday pop-ups, this is the second instalment in the bishy-bashy series. The concept is simple, bring six of London’s biggest and best burger-flippers and their creations to the Camden Brewery, have them mete it out to a willing audience of patty-munchers, and let the crowd decide which is best. If you’re worried that scoffing six whole burgers is an impossible feat, fear not, for half-burgers will be served. So that's only three burgers. Which is fine, right?

The winning burgermeisters will then go on to the finals, to challenge Fred Smith, last October’s winner, as well as the victors of the next two events, in the hopes of winning the converted Golden Patty Award.

This event is for two days only, running Sunday 7 and Monday 8 April. Grab a ticket for the Monday shindig if you want to see the outcome of two days worth of ketchup-sodden ballots.

The following cow-mincers will be attending:

  • Tim Anderson (MasterChef champion) with Nanban for some Japanophile joy
  • Street market meanderer Manuel Andrades will be a Mother Flipper
  • Marc Brown of secret burger vender (Mmm. Tasty secrets) Joe Allen
  • Joe Grossman of James Street’s Patty & Bun
  • Mancunian Beau Myers makes the pilgrimage down from the north with Almost Famous
  • Hawksmoor groupies will meet ‘meat master’ Richard Turner

Our advice is to turn up, scoff, drink, vote, chat and be merry. We also suggest living off salad for as long as possible before the event. It will only make them taste even more awesome than they already are. Oh yes.

Tickets are priced at £50 and available online. Photo by Paul Winch-Furness

*We’re so trendy we left off the umlaut. Yeah, we went there.

Last Updated 22 March 2013