Documentary On Boris Johnson Airs Tonight

Dean Nicholas
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Documentary On Boris Johnson Airs Tonight

At 9pm on 25 March, BBC2 will screen Boris Johnson: The Irresistible Rise, a documentary on the Mayor.

Anticipation for the show reached fever pitch yesterday morning following an intemperate exchange between Mr. Johnson and Eddie Mair on the Andrew Marr Show. Mair began by questioning Boris about the documentary, before launching into a stiff series of questions about the mayor's integrity and past. The interview provoked mass excitement among Twitter, with many congratulating Eddie Mair for his forthright style; some, like Dan Hodges on his Telegraph blog, were outraged by the interviewer's style, calling it a "disgrace" composed of "reheated tittle-tattle, most of which dates back quarter of a century".

Fair comment, although what was perhaps key was Boris Johnson's apparent inability to remain calm and coherent under an all-too rare spell of focused pressure from an aggressive interviewer, a skill he'd need to polish were those Prime Ministerial ambitions to ever be realised. The interview, and tonight's documentary, could answer the question about just how likely it is that Boris will one day decamp from Islington to Downing Street.

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Its a good job there are other sources of news, as for reasons unknown, you appear to be playing the whole thing down. Here's what the Independent says:
“You’re a nasty piece of work, aren’t you?” asked Mr Mair. Mr Johnson
looked surprised and distinctly uncomfortable as the presenter asked him
about his being fired by The Times newspaper for making up a quotation;
being sacked from the Tory frontbench for telling “a bare-faced lie” to
the party leader Michael Howard about his affair with the journalist
Petronella Wyatt and the claim that he agreed to provide a reporter’s
address to his friend Darius Guppy, a convicted fraudster, so the
journalist could be beaten up.
Hope that helps.