A Map Of London's Cocktail Bars

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 106 months ago
A Map Of London's Cocktail Bars

There's nothing to kill the louche mood of an evening's cocktail bar-hop than pulling out your smartphone (so déclassé!) and tapping away to hunt down your next destination. Fortunately, salvation has arrived in the form of this handsome cocktail bar map of London.

Curated by Gin Monkey and produced by Blue Crow Media, the map lists 50 vouched-for cocktail bars across the city. It covers three areas: the West End, Notting Hill and Shoreditch, a decision that, while sensible, does mean that the growing number of new places in somewhere like Dalston get scant mention.

The listings are sparse, with just the name, address and nearest Tube station given for any particular venue. While the lack of full contact details could be problematic at somewhere like Shoreditch's Lounge Bohemia (where pre-booking is required) it means the map is unburdened by information overload. What you're left with is a handsome piece of cocktail cartography that should be part of any self-regarding drink connoisseur's kitbag. Carry this with you at all times and you've no excuse for finding yourself trying to stomach an insipid Manhattan at Be@One of a Friday night.

The map costs £2.50 and can be bought online.

If cocktails aren't your thing, Blue Crow also have maps of London's best coffee shops and pubs. Oh, and despite the flippant opening to this post, there's an app version of the cocktail map in the works.

Last Updated 25 February 2013