Win A Romantic Stay At Holiday Inn London Mayfair

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Win A Romantic Stay At Holiday Inn London Mayfair

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Holiday Inn.

Retreat to the comfort and seclusion of the Holiday Inn London Mayfair this Valentine’s Day 2013.

Enjoy a prime position in the heart of London’s West End, with the Holiday Inn London-Mayfair hotel boasting easy access to some of central London's prime retail hot spots, including Oxford Street, Regent Street and Covent Garden.

The well-appointed guest bedrooms feature wireless internet and a host of amenities for a luxurious stay. You’ll also get the opportunity to dine in the contemporary Nightingales restaurant which offers views over Berkeley Street and enjoy a cocktail in the bar before exploring the local nightlife including Mahiki, Nobu, Funky Buddha and many more.

Prize includes:

  • Overnight accommodation for two people
  • Full English breakfast
  • Dinner in the hotel's Nightingale's Restaurant

To enter the competition, leave a comment below about who you'd like to share this Valentine's treat with and why.  


And if you're not the lucky winner on this occasion, consider treating the one you love to a special Valentine's Package at the hotel, including a candlelit dinner, champagne breakfast and a late check out on request from just £249 per night.

Competition closes at midnight on Tuesday 5 February. Winner will be picked at random and notified by email. Terms & conditions: This prize is valid for 14 & 15 February 2013 only. The prize is non re-fundable or transferable to another date or person. Must book no later than 24 hours prior to arrival. Valid credit card to be provided at the time of booking. Package is based on 2 people sharing. Un-used portions of this package are non-refundable. The prize is non re-fundable or transferable to another date or person.

Last Updated 22 January 2013


I would love to share this treat with my husband, Jason. He proposed to me two years ago on Valentine's and he has always been so hardworking and selfless. It would be amazing to treat him to something special and as a thank you to him for making me feel so special :)

Joan Lankford

I would like to share this Valentine’s treat with my husband to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary


I'd like to share this evening with my beautiful girlfriend because it's widely acknowledged she's one of the best humans in London and therefore deserves to be treated. It's pure fact.


After a really tough start to the year, we both deserve some pampering

Mr Jenkins

I'd like to share this Valentine's treat with the missus, Mrs Jenkins (née Valentine), because I took her lovely name away and made it boring.

James Robinson

My wife! Because she has just spent the last two weeks waiting on me hand and foot after an operation. I'm pretty lucky!

Gary Hewitt

i would take my wife,she's had a hard life,then she met me 10 years ago,and it's not got much better!...still..Kensington Gardens..lunch at afternoon in the Nat.Gallery & drinks in Soho at night will sort her out


I would love to share this treat with my boyfriend, as our 2-year anniversary is just one week after Valentine's Day, so we can celebrate both at the same time! We are in a long-distance relationship, and so spending the night in the beautiful Holiday Inn would be a wonderful way to enjoy our short time together.


My fiance Michael Hobson because he never fails to amaze me with how utterly wonderful he is. He's worked really hard these past few months working till 11pm most nights including weekends to work on projects he believes in. We've not spent much time together recently but I love him and 100% support him in this stressful (but exciting) time in his life. I believe he totally deserves this and the weekend away would mean a lot to the two of us.


After years of 'nearly meeting' at lots of different events & places, we have finally met and fallen in love. I would love to share this treat with the loveliest man in the world.


I would love to say a massive thank you to the man in my life who helped me leave a violent abusive marriage....his strength,his unyielding loyalty,his amazing ability to take on the enormous baggage that I bring with me not only for him to face but share my problems.He is there for me at moments notice and drops everything...I love him....He is amazing....I would love to show him and to treat him to say I appreciate the way he goes way beyond the call of duty for me .......:)


I would love to take my wonderful wife as she's been starting work at 6.30am and working like a trojajan. She brings sunshine into everyone's life and if anyone deserves a lovely break it would be her

Peter Roberts

I would like to share this experience with my lovely girlfriend Irena, she used to live in London but has now moved back to Czech Republic. We spent many happy times in London and a stay at this beautiful hotel would give us the chance to rekindle our romance and experience some of the places we used to go together. Thank you!

Kerry-Ann Pope

I would love to share this break with my gorgeous husband, we have two wonderful little boys that we adore but we never have anytime on our own together. I cant remember the last time we were able to walk holding hands without one of us pushing a pram or holding a little person. It would be simply wonderful to spend a whole day and evening together, be able to stay out late at night and have a lie in the next morning. For that alone this break would be our complete idea of heaven and hopefully we would return with a well ignited lease for life.


I would like to share this experience with a lovely friend of mine who has helped me through some really hard times in the last few years. We are both recent graduates and have piles of debt so it's unlikely we will ever be able to afford the luxury of this hotel is real life. It would be a dream to share this experience with someone so special to me.


I would like to take my girlfriend - we're both recent graduates trying to start our own businesses & have so little money to spare that we can't afford to do anything special for Valentines day.


We'll be celebrating our first Valentine's day as husband and wife by playing 5aside football together! Not the most romantic situation I'm sure you'll agree - but then to be able to spruce up afterwards in such luxurious surroundings, with a candlelit dinner to follow and even a cheeky Friday lie-in... well, that would just be PERFECT. I would love to be able to treat my wonderful hubby to something like this; I so rarely get the chance to spoil him :)


I'd share this with my boyfriend that I havn't seen for almost 5 months because he works away at sea and this will be the first week we get to see each other again, this would make it amazing! Because he was away we missed our first anniversary together, as well as Christmas and New years - this would make up for what we've missed :)


I'd like to share the experience with my boyfriend who in the past 1 year and 4 months has restored my faith and trust in men. The dark days are over! He's a true gem and I am lucky to have found him.


I would like to share this Valentine's treat with my boyfriend Dan. It's getting close to our 2 years anniversary and I would really love to surprise him with a stay in a beautiful Hotel. It would be just perfect :)


With my boyfriend to celebrate having my mouth back after my wisdom teeth were pulled.


I would share with my husband David who has nursed me through my illness with such care and patience even after 30 years of marriage he stills makes me feel loved and cherished x


I would absolutely love to stay here for Valentines with my fiance Paul, because this is literally around the corner from where we first met. What a great way to celebrate our last Valentines before we get married!


My partner who is expecting our second... would be nice to take the load off before the insanity starts again.


I would love to treat my husband to something like this! He is has been under a lot of stress lately due to the conflict situation back home (Syria!) and would be amazing to have the opportunity to distract him even for a little while and show him that despite all the horror love prevails and that he also deserves to have a good time!

Michelle First

Having met my British boyfriend, now finance in Los Angeles. Then moving, and relocating myself, life and little dog over to London to start our new life together... I think we both deserve a little rest, relaxation, and a lot of romance! Cheers <3

Philippa. Smith

With my valentine, my friend, my accountant, my handyman , my sounding boards lover and yes my husband !


Would love to treat my boyfriend (and myself!) to a romantic night away from our damp, cold flat!

Christine Reid

That guy who jumped from space so we could show the Titanic stars up. We really would be on Top of the World!

Sarah Riddlestone

It would be lovely to do something special with my boyfriend this valentines. We both need a break from one being underpaid and the other stuggling to find work. It would be much appreciated!


My flatmate, because her father died on Boxing day and she needs a bit of good luck go her way


I would like to share this wonderful experience with my girlfriend. We met at University, but she graduated a year before me and moved away to London, making the last couple of months unusually difficult due to our physical separation. However, our relationship continues to thrive in the brief encounters we manage to fit into our lives, and a Valentine's Day together at the Mayfair would mark our 2-year anniversary with a memorable setting.


I would like to share this with my longsuffering boyfriend tom after supporting me through re training as a nurse and then stopping me losing my mind as a newly qualified he now has to deal with me doing my masters


The Holiday Inn? Alan Partridge of course. Who else.


I want to share this with my new boyfriend. We met a couple of years ago although we have been dating only a few months. He has stuck by me through a few years of ill health. I want our first weekend away together really special and hopefully the start to lots of enjoyable travel together


I would love to share this Valentine's Night stay at the Holiday Inn Mayfair with my girlfriend. Despite being together over two years, due to cultural disapproval from her family, we cannot see each other that often. The last time we had a few days together was August, so a short romantic break would be lovely.


I would like to share with my partner simply because I love him so much and he makes me truly happy as never before!


I'd love to share this experience with my Boyfriend of 2 years who has been by my side everystep of the way whislt I was recovering from the loss of my sister. He was always
Patient, kind and made time when ever I needed him. He is my real Knight in shining armour. This romantic evening will be a much welcomed mini break for us both.


With my girlfriend. We need a change of bedtime scenery(!) ;)


My boyfriend so we can give out flatmates a night off from hearing the banging on the walls & give ourselves a night off from silent pleasure


Me and my boyfriend are in the seven-year itch... A romantic night away from the everyday life would be a perfect moment to feel back our deep love!


I'd like to share this super with my girlfriend Laura because I just laughed at her knocking her head on a wooden beam (which annoyed her) and I need to find a way to say sorry.... PS. Could it be arranged so that she thinks I've paid for it?


I'd definitely share this with my fab BF, who's been working his nuts off for months, we've hardly seen each other and I'm still waiting for a night out for my birthday, 3 months later...!

Stephen T. P. Kerin

I'd like to share it with the blonde pictured above the bed.


I'd love to share this with my husband. He is from Peru and is still exploring the UK and discovering everything on offer in London. More importantly, it would be my chance to give him a wonderful luxury Valentine surprise - he complains that the responsibility for organising Valentine gifts always falls to the men!


My glorious boyfriend. This plus the opening day for Die Hard ... It would be so perfect we'd never have to celebrate Valentine's Day again... And what a relief that would be!


It would be magical to be able to share this experience with my soulmate. We found each other on a February four years back, and since then she has been the reason I wake up every single morning with happiness and serenity in my life. Without her, life would be plain and ordinary. So I would love to be able to share with her this certainly not ordinary and rather magical celebration on our fourth year together.


My wife deserves all the romance in the world, now that she is pregnant and soon to give birth later this year, it would be splendid to kick-off a brief 'babymoon' break before many sleepless nights to come!


I would like to share this with my boyfriend who is recovering from surgery at Queen Mary, London at the moment despite the fact he repeatedly told me to GET OUT when he was waking up in recovery last night (his defence is that he cant remember)! This would be lovely as it wouldn't be too far to travel for him and I think he would appreciate it more than the 'Man Flu Survivor' mug I presented him with today!


A night away from it all with the man I love would be perfect but as he doesn't believe in Valentines I'd take my favourite single friend to show her she is loved even if not quite in the way she wants!


The guy I've been seeing for the past 8 months is not eager to celebrate Valentine's Day with the old excuse that it's very commercial blah blah blah. I would love to announce I won a romantic stay at a great hotel and, for a moment, scare him with the possibility of taking someone else.


I'd love to share this Valentine treat with my wife of twenty years. She travels to London each day for work but has little time to take in the depth, variety and beauty of our fantastic capital city. If we were fortunate enough to win, we'd have a day together enjoying the richness of the galleries and museums and perhaps taking a river cruise along the length of the Thames. We'd end the day at our hotel, enjoying a romantic meal and having a relaxing evening together. We might even ask the concierge to recommend a show and a great bar for a nightcap. Then back to our hotel to celebrate our twentieth Valentine Night together.


I'd love to take my boyfriend Leon- met 6 months ago and barely apart since. He travels daily from Oxford to see my in London, but has never truly experienced the city. He spends every spare penny of his money coming to see me, supporting me, chatting to me, even getting up at 5am to get back in time for work. He's my best friend, my everything xx


I'd like to share this with my best friend who has just broken up with her boyfriend of 9 years and really deserves a pick-me-up this Valentines Day


I would like to share this room with Keira Knightley, Jessica Alba, Megan Fox and Warney. But if I win, I guess I'll have to take my girlfriend.


I would share this with my boyfriend, who has been sick and working himself to the brink of exhaustion lately and we could use the time to reconnect. He has lived in London for a few years without really getting out of his immediate neighborhood, and it's my first Valentine's Day in the UK, so I think sharing this with him would be really special.

Shakti Zoe

I would like to share it with my lovely boyfriend of two years, as we have never actually had a chance to celebrate Valentine's day. We got off to a pretty tough start, as we spent 9 months apart while he was doing his national service. I left my job to relocate to London to be with him, and we have been having a pretty tough time so far! I would like to treat him and show him just how much he means to me. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world- sometimes i think i must be dreaming!


My boyfriend and I have recently moved to London, after doing the long distance thing for a year. At the moment we are scrimping, and so haven't had the chance to go on any romantic getaways as we'd planned. Also, this is the first time he's been to the city, and so I'm showing him around when we can. Winning this would give us a much needed break from the tiny bedsit and also show him another side of London.


I would love to treat my husband (and myself). Life has been challenging for a long while now.


I would love to share this with my lovely Husband. I am a full time postgraduate student, and He works full time as well. Last year we didnt go away for vacation, and we spent our Valentine's day at home. All im wishing for this year, is to have a romantic stay-cation, and be able to enjoy each others company in a different way. Hoping for the best, only!


I'd like to spend this special day with my disabled partner - medicaly discharged soldier. Everyone deserves some fairytale but we can make our dream come true only by winning this competition.
Aga & Nigel


I would love to share this romantic stay with my gorgeous boyfriend, and while we dine in the evening in the Nightingales restaurant over a candle-lit table I will propose to him, and hope that he replies "Yes"...and if he doesn't reply "Yes" then I'll see if any of the waiters are up for sharing my Valentine's treat :)

David Ridings

You can read about some more valentine day ideas on my blog article 5 things to do today for valentines day.


Nothing like a little getaway with my current partner to celebrate a year since we got together


My boyfriend because it's our 5th year together!


I'd love to share this with my boyfriend, who's coming all the way from Norway to visit me! We're both from Norway, but I'm currently studying in London. We've both got busy schedules and barely get to see each other, it's usually months apart. It would be so great to be able to stay somewhere nice together, instead of sharing my tiny bedroom in my shady flat share!


With Niki. We broke up yesterday so foolishly.
But we are not done yet, I really would like to think we have another Valentine together.

Natalie Hagan

My fiance :)


Would love to share this with my husband.. this year we celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary...


I would like to share this with my girlfriend Marion who I've been together with 7 years this 29. of January. We are in Germany and it would be a short break during her finals at uni, to fetch new energy so to say.

Kojo Adofo

I could give a sob story about going through life in and out off hospital and having surgey for my burns but i shall not.

I could also literally write a dissertation without a second thought about my girlfriend and my love for her.

......but i choose not too do so and be cliche.
All I would just like to say is that my girlfriend makes feel like the happiest and luckiest man on earth and I wouldnt love nothing more than to share a special valentines day with best friend and girlfriend in Mayfair.


my wonderful husband!! we just got married after more than two years of long distance relationship and this will be the first Valentine's Day we're spending together :)

Claire Smith

My husband he has had a really hard year workwise and definitely deserves a treat!


I would share with my husband. Valentines is also our wedding anniversary and we will be celebrating 20 years of marriage

John Bratton

after 42 valentine gifts for the wife this would be the best one

helen b

I'd lke to share it with my husband who i've been with for 29 years as this would be the icing on the cake to alot of happy years

Judi Sunderland

My husbandof course! After more than forty years he deserves it


My beautiful fiancee because she puts up with me working away from home most weeks, it would be great to be able to spend some quality time together rather than just rushed part days at the wekeend


My wife and lover, for a romantic interlude.


id like to share this experience with.. myself. ive been in abusive relationships all my adult life and managed to gain my freedom a few weeks ago. It would be the perfect way to start a new loving relationship with myself. x

Arnett Sarah

I wouldn't actually take my OH with me I would take my sister as she has top have open heart surgery in March (shes only 21) for the second time in her life and will have to have a metal valve fitted which will mean medication daily from then on - so my lovely little sister would be my guest and we will enjoyed being completly pampered!

Polly Bastow

I would take my lovely partner who treats me like it's Valentine's day evey day! It would be the perfect 'thank you' :)


I would share with my husband , we met 9 years ago and he became a wonderful father to my 3 kids who love him dearly. As a thankyou this would be so perfect and special x

Katherine Kamola

I'd like to share this with my boyfriend Sam, who is finding it difficult to get a new job and needs a lot of cheering up!

Diane Ayres

My husband, would make a great Valentine's day present.

Tim Windle

I would like to share this with my girlfriend, this is the first time I will have ever had a girlfriend on Valentine’s Day and this is the first person I have ever truly loved.


i,d share with my husband who,s also my best friend

Peter Anderson

I would take my incredible wife, who exhausts herself through caring for kids in our community through teaching music, arts, and more. She's more than earned a quick getaway.


Oh this would be so fab! Would love to stay there with my Boyfriend :) A nice treat and day off from looking after our baby boy!


With my girlfriend.


Ooooh, I'd LOVE to share this with my would be such a treat to get out of boring Nottingham, hehe! :]


I'd share this with my Best friend, my wonderful girlfriend will be working away for a few months in new zealand. So to cheer myself up a visit to London & hotel will stop me from feeling down in the dumps


I would share this prize with my girlfriend. We (finally) got together after knowing each other for 6 year, and this being our first valentines together I want to make it special with a hotel stay in the heart of London.


I'd like to share it with my superb husband! The most wonderful person ever!


I would like to share it with my wonderful boyfriend who's been here for me anytime I needed, even if it was for good or bed. I would love to treat him with an amazing gift like this because he's worth it

Claire Backhouse

I'd like to take my other half, who also has his Bday that week. Will save me buying a pressie :D



gerwyn collyer

Valentines Day is the day of my mother's 50th Birthday this year and she has recently seperated from my father so I would love to spoil her for her special birthday


My Ginger-bells (boyfriend) who does everything to make me happy :)

S.E. Martin

I would share this with my fantastic husband and it would be a triple celebration

Our 20th Wedding Anniversary

My ?? Birthday

And a special Valentine day


With my missus and our gorgeous 3 month baby boy, who is constantly attached to her boob.


I would take my b-e-a-uuuuuu-tiful boyfriend who make me smile everyday! Been together for 6 months and this would be our first romantic getaway together! And LOVE London! Winner :) x


OK the champagne is on ice, the rose petals are scattered on the bed, the chocolates are open, we are in the west end looking out to see the London eye sparkling just for us then...I wake up in our flat in zone 3 and realize it was all a dream and we ended up with a take out pizza for Valentines unless...I WIN THE COMPETITION! X


My gorgeous new man of just 4 months. I've been single by choice for 10yrs but when this one arrived... I couldn't say no! Would be lovely for us to get away - just the two of us :)


I would share it with my amazing girlfriend! super sweet and always taking care of me! so I want to give her a great Valentine's day!

Bobby Chomples

Lenny Henry? Or is that Premier Inn? Probably not Lenny Henry to be honest. Probably my girlfriend.

Amanda Coffman

I would take my mom as she selflessly does everything for a lot of people in our family and she deserves a treat :)

Christine W

with my boyfriend from austria who is coming on the 14th of february... haven't seen him since ages!! looking forward to having a perfect day back together <3
in addition it's also my birthday :)


I would love to share this with my boyfriend. We have a long distance relationship, he has just had to take a second job in the evenings so he can afford the travel to carry on seeing me when its his turn. This would be a great way to say thank you and show him how much what he is doing means to me.

Ksju Lu

With my love and our little Sofia :) Its gonna be a special day at the same time cause we met each other 1 year ago :)

Heather Hewitt

My partner, who I found late in life after being widowed for many years.

Shaun Brown

My wonderful wife to celebrate us having another baby this year !!!

Luisa Rangel

After 6 years of long-distance relationship we'll be celebrating our 6 months wedding anniversary in february and finally living in London together! Would be nice to have a special romantic evening with my husband!

Anna S

with my fiance. Because he is the best.


Nicola - 30 years since we first met and nothing has changed (except my waistline, hairline etc)

Lisa C

With my boyfriend, it will be our first valentines together!! :)


Sally my best friend because I haven't seen her enough since we started uni!!


I would like to share this experience with my amazing girlfriend, it's quite likely she is going to be leaving the country for work shortly after Valentines, so what better send off?


I would love to take my long suffering wife of 25 year's who has yet to have a good break since we got married, so long overdue I think!!


With my husband because who works so hard for me and our children. This would be a real treat and surprise for him.


with my husband has has stood by me through think and thin

Manuel Morales

With my girlfriend. Whom I have to convince to move into this city for many years! : )

Jo Kitchen

My hubby! He had a terrible bereavement last year and we could both do with a break xx

Jason Barnard

love to surprise the wife with this as its her birthday just before as well!


If I won this competition, it
would give me the courage to ask my secret crush to a fantastic night out and
it would be a sense of luxury at the hotel which I would cherish! Plus, it
would substitute a much-needed holiday………

Christopher Jones

My lovely gorge wife Carina, 7 years married and theres nowhere or no one else I would rather be with.

jayson biaodg

I like to visit and blog about London this valentine with love. To my future wife.


I'd take my boyfriend who, after only 3 weeks of knowing me, drove for 500 miles so that I could see my best friend, who I had not seen at all for 2 years, on her birthday. 2 and a half years later, I'd love to make it up to him.


martin- long suffering husband- married 24 and a half years- needs parole or a treat like this for so long married bliss !


My Super Star Wife who rocks!


I'd take my lovely girlfriend Sarah, for a late celebration of 2 years together!

S Lanzon

I would love to to share this night on Valentine's with my boyfriend. It's been a long-distance relationship for 25 months now due to me living in London following my dreams. He'll be here soon for Valentine's after finishing his first batch of his final year uni exams! Would be wonderful to treat him and enjoy the little time we have together and thank him for his patience while we figure out our next move!!

Hieu Phan

with my boyfriend Paul :) we've only been together for a short while, and haven't had the chance to spend a lot of relaxing time together since we are both quite busy, so a stay like this would be so wonderful!

Kate O

With my beautiful husband who I married in Oct 2012. Marriage has made our lives blisfull, happier and fulfilled. I love him with all my heart and would love to treat him to this great night out in Holiday Inn.

Christine Munzer

I would love to take my wonderful, hard working husband of 30 years, for a well deserved break.

Steve R

With my gorgeous beautiful Louise recovering from a back operation never complaining

Arabella Bazley

The other half, he would never think of taking me away for Valentine's Day so I have to do the thinking for him!


My best friend! We're both single girls, but I think Valentine's day should celebrate all kinds of love. A fantastic dinner and a night out with my best mate to Funky Buddha sounds like a perfect way to spend Valentine's to me.

kath hooper

I'd share this with my hubby. It's his birthday a couple of days beforehand and usually I've put so much time and effort into that, I have run out of ideas and energy for valentine's day. It would be great to inject a little more romance into our relationship after almost 20 years of marriage!


I'd give the prize to my mum as she visits at Valentine's. She was diagnosed with cancer and has been through a lot.

Emma C

I'd love to share it with my gorgeous man. We've known each other for 19yrs and lived together for 12 - and we don't get enough "special" time together...

Yael Medina

With my husband Alan! He's always doing things for me and spoiling me with thoughtful little gifts, and even baking little treats for me when he knows I need a comforting pick-me-up! It would be a lovely way to celebrate Valentine's day! :)

Alan C

I'd take my wife and we'll celebrate Valentine's day with a visit to the museum and an evening at the theatre

bever c

my hubby -

he's not romantic absolutely never
But a holiday inn stay might change him forever

Raquel Garcia

with my bf... this would be such a nice surprise! :)

Rachael Simmons

I'd please love to share it with my mum, as my fiancé is a policeman and will be working, and my dad will be abroad for work, so us girlies will be manless! :(


I would like to share the Holiday Inn London Mayfair with my wife of 40 years. It would be great to celebrate by having some 'us' time and what nicer way than a meal and toast our years together.

Jade Gibbs

My Fiancé, who I'm marrying in Mexico next year..this would be the best valentines break ever <3


I'd take Marilyn Manson so we could stay up late watching Eli Roth films

Valerie B

I'd share with my husband - he has been working way too hard this year and it would be great for him to have a lovely relaxing break

Tom D

MY Partner of 30 years and still my valentine.

amanda ryan

My lovely man, he works away all week and leaves me at home with 5 children. We would LOVE some time together!

greig spencer

love to take my boyfiend, lee as he works hard and would be nice to get away on a nice break together!

brenda heads

I would share this with my partner - to show him what romance is all about.


I would Share this with my husband!! because we have been married for 7 years and havent had a romantic break together for a long time :)

jodie burnett

I would share this with my husband, and I would also take him for a trip up the shard whilst we were in London as he loved watching the documentary about how it was built and has talked about visiting it sometime.

Andrew N

With my wife of 21 years. I didn't take her away for honeymoon so need to make up !

Laura Wyles

Johnny Depp but I have a feeling he may be busy

Sue Warr

I divorced last December so don't have a Valentine - I'd like to take my Mum out for a treat instead.......who knows who I might meet!!

Angie Hoggett

I would give this to my wonderful mum and dad who never seem to do anything at Valentines, it would be great to see them actually celebrate it for once!

Claire M

I would share this with my amazing, wonderful husband to be. He's been working non stop for months on end and really deserves a proper evening off and a treat like this.

lynn neal

with my husband to say a great big thank you because he has taken such good care of me over the last few weeks following an operation!

Anthea Holloway

My super husband, John. We have been married for 45 years and still enjoy each other's company. This would be a wonderful treat for us both.

Lyndsey A

My lovely husband Greg who's been great at lookig after me hese past few weeks while i've been ill

Romana Richards

It'd have to be the man in my life, of course!

Jenny Peek

My lovely husband, he definatley deserves a treat

Petra Hora

I would love to treat my husband as since our baby boy was born we didn't have much time together. We need to bring romance back to our live!

Sheri Darby

My husband - because after 33 years together we deserve more romance

Julie Wood

I'd like to share this wonderful Valentines break with my Hubby... he has blessed me with two teenagers who grunt and groan, and two 7 year olds who squabble and torment one another; each day I am sent on a journey of exploration through a wilderness of ironing and oddly paired socks. He generously serenades me each night with the gentle snoring sounds of a dying warthog not to mention the Hansel and Gretel trail of breadcrumbs he leaves in his wake so I could never loose him. He is my nemesis, my bringer of chaos and I love him more today than the day I said "I do". x

June Gee

Fantastic entertaining new musical

Nick Harris

My wife, because it's the law (apparently).

Rob Clayton

with my boyfriend, in need of a romantic weekend away

Kerry G

i would like to win this and give it to my friends Sarah & Brenley, This is their first valentines day and also his birthday. My friend works nights and he works days so dont get loads of time together and i know this is just the treat they deserve x

Janet Robertson

my husband as he needs chearing up

Denise Walker

With my husband Karl he works nights and doesn't have much time off ( when he his off we spend the day with kids ) it would be nice to spend time just together in a romantic setting

Debi Gillard

Guess it would have to be the old man (or my best friend we cud go to the theatre and he could stay home and dog--sit!)


My gorgeous, lovely but not very romantic boyfriend, I'm teaching him how to romance me and this would be the perfect way to show him how to do it in style, :)


Share with my partner to thank her for taking me to Paris for Christmas. She deserves a night n her favourite part of London!

Lisa Franklin

I'd treat my girlfriend and I to this hotel break. We are in a long distance relationship and don't see each other very often. Would be lovely to have a romantic hotel night to celebrate Valentines with her

Katrina T

I would love to take my hubby back to old London Town as he hasn't been back for a long time, his family moved in the 70s to Npton . It would be a fantastic treat for the both of us, seeing the sites and visiting old stomping grounds for him, what a surprise it would be.


My husband! He's been working really hard and I think he'd love it.

Chloe Y

Martin Preece - my childhood sweetheart :) Because we're still going strong!

Chris Reid

Johnny Depp would be good :)


I'd love to share this with my sister who has been a great support to my Mum when she was ill in bed.

natalie h

my handsome hubby who works so hard for his family

Jackie Talbot

Well it would have to be my husband of 37 years, we could do with a bit of romance as life tends to get in the way

keith scrivener

Its our golden wedding anniversary at the end of March so I would take my wife.

Alison M

My 'one-in-a-million' husband. He is self employed and works extremely hard to provide for myself & our 3 kids. He often has to spend time away from home due to work commitments and we really miss him. Would be lovely to be able to spend some quality time with him and allow him to be spoilt for a change :-)


My lovely wife who has looked after me so well during my current, prolonged, illness.


I would share this Lovely prize with my wonderful husband :)

Verity M

I'd love for my mum and dad to win this....they have had a rough year and my dad is just geting over leukeamia so it would be great for them to have this. Verity

Margaret Akel

My husband of 46 years, we love London and this would be a real treat

emma dunn

I would love to give this to my mum and step dad , give my mum a brake as my stepdad works away and does not live in poole, so is over 3hrs away. this means my mum will be able to spend time for her with out having to look after my sister with adhd or running around after me and my son.

Sarah Preston

i would share with my bf because i love him :)and as its his birthday 13th feb would be a speical bday treat too :)

Susan Ellams

18 years with my husband, that's why

Nicola Jones

with my lovely husband Roy. We've been married for nearly 14 years and he is still the most romantic man ive ever met, always cooking me romantic meals and buying me flowers for no real reason

Erica Price

With my husband - need some pampering.

Karen H

My husband as after 34 years or marriage we still get it ...............or failing that Micheal Buble would do

Stephen Ellerington

with my girlfriend!


my lovely partner of 8 years we got engaged on valentines day last year

Michas Emell

My wife, she works hard, never moans has stuck with me through the bad times as well as the good.

Siobhan Rowe

My husband as a thank you for nursing me during my recent illness.


I would love my house mate, to be my valentines date, they are so pretty and witty, and a night in the city, could finally seal our fate!


my dad. it's a year next week since he had a heart attack, and when i see valentine hearts everywhere, i think of how lucky we are to still have him around.


My husband - it's our 30th wedding anniversary this year so would be a wonderful celebration.

Victoria Ashley

I would like to share it with my lovely husband because he is the most wonderful person in my life.