Borough Market Launches New Interactive Map

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 136 months ago

Last Updated 29 January 2013

Borough Market Launches New Interactive Map

Borough Market has launched a new map to help you navigate around its warren of stalls and various market areas. It's on the main website but, more importantly, on mobile too. Perfect for stealth raids when you only want to buy some cheese and don't want to get caught in a tourist tide.

Around 30% of Borough Market's web traffic comes from smartphones on trading days, presumably from people like us, who know there's that great beer place in there somewhere but can never find it. (It's Utobeer, and we now know it's on the edge of Middle Market. Cheers!) You can search by trader name, type and market area. We're not sure how good the data reception around Borough Market is these days, but perhaps the next step will be an app you can browse offline?

The timing's quite handy too: Three Crown Square, the part of the market off Southwark Street that was forced to close while Network Rail worked on the Thameslink upgrade, will be back up and running in a matter of weeks. This will inevitably mean some shuffling of traders, so check their location before you visit.