Club Watch: Lindstrøm Album Launch @ XOYO

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Club Watch: Lindstrøm Album Launch @ XOYO

So that time of year is approaching, when everyone gets excited about a man from the frozen North coming bearing gifts. Well wait no further - Norway's Lindstrøm is dropping into XOYO tonight, and bringing one of the albums of the year with him.

We'll be honest - we still go a bit gooey every time we hear Lindstrøm's seminal "I Feel Space". Those opening echoing arpeggios. That classic italo-esque synth melody. The leisurely way the track builds up - akin to watching a gleaming spaceship ascend out of the earth into the outer reaches. Taking tropes from house and disco and building them into a modern dance behemoth that even Giorgio Moroder must be jealous of. Is it obvious yet that we played this non-stop for two years straight?

Since the track launched him skyward, you wouldn't be blamed for failing to keep up. Not content to rest on his space-disco laurels, he's stretched out his sound with maximum results. Two collaborative albums with pal Prins Thomas. A MJ referencing disco-pop record with Christabelle. The critically adored "Where You Go I Go Too" - built around one epic 28 minute track. A 45 minute cover of "Little Drummer Boy"! This year already has seen one full length, the divisive Six Cups of Rebel, whose cheeky mix of prog and far out funk whose too much for many listeners. Upon announcing he was releasing a further disc with tracks named after Norwegian dishes – there was a fear he was spinning out into ludicrous new territory.

So what an absolute delight it is to report that "Smalhans", a compact six tracks in 33 minutes, could possibly be his best work to date. Lead single "Rà-àkõ-st" (a mixed vegetable dish apparently) might taste familiar to old fans but it possesses a muscularity that's new to Lindstrøm – like finding that oddball from your school on Facebook who’s now addicted to protein shakes and bench pressing. It’s a theme carried on for the rest of the record – a run of joyous, gleaming disco rumblers that’ll have fans grinning with delight. Much credit must be given to kindred spirit Todd Terje whose mixing fingers are all over these tracks - sprinkling them with his new-found stardust. On his home country’s cuisine Lindstrøm says: “it is built on old traditions of using the resources in your immediate surroundings” something that could be said of the record himself. Deploying his deft touch and harnessing Terje's know-how - Lindstrøm has made one of his boldest works to date.

There’s a bunch of other stuff tonight for those with fresh legs. The long serving Joakim, founder of Tigersushi records will be deploying his unique electro sound. Foppish indie-electro producer NCZA/Lines and Bristolians Futureboogie will be taking charge of room two. Still for us it's only about one man tonight - get ready to take off.

Lindstrøm album launch party at XOYO, EC2A 4AP, Friday 16th November. For tickets and more information go here.

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