Things To Do In London Today: 10 October 2012

The day ahead, London style. We welcome additions in the comments.


ART: The National Gallery's new exhibition of influential British artist Richard Hamilton opens today and runs till 13 January. Free, just turn up, all day

PHOTOGRAPHY: New York and Tokyo are compared on photographic film, with Tate Modern's new exhibition of works by William Klein and Daido Moriyama. Runs till 20 January. £12.70, just turn up, all day

SUBTERRANEAN ART: Toby Ziegler's new exhibition, a site-specific sculpture based on Bruegel the Elder’s The Cripples, claims to be 14 storeys underground. It's actually seven storeys down...which, you could pun, is wrong on so many levels. To find it, head to the Q PARK car park on Old Burlington Street and keep on going down. Runs till 20 October. Free, just turn up, 10am-8pm

LUNCH ON THE MOON: Carolin Crawford, at the Museum of London, discusses our nearest neighbour in space, revealing how the moon continues to offer surprises. Free, just turn up, 1pm

FREE BEER: Yes, really. Head to St Pancras station for a free ale masterclass at the Betjeman Arms courtesy of Ray Brown, Director of Food at Geronimo Inns. Free, just turn up, 5.30-6.30pm

ARCHITECTURE: Simon Thurley of English Heritage talks at the Museum of London about Victorian engineering and architecture in London. Free, just turn up, 6pm

ARCHAEOLOGY: Another Crossrail talk discusses the recent discovery of hundreds of skeletons from the former Bedlam hospital. The bones were uncovered as part of the big dig outside Liverpool Station. The talk is at the Crossrail Visitor Centre behind Centre Point, where an exhibition of artifacts can also be viewed. Free, just turn up, 6.30pm

SAVE AN HISTORIC BUILDING: The London Fruit and Wool Exchange on Brushfield Street Spitalfields appeared to have been saved when Tower Hamlets denied permission for redevelopment. The Mayor might have other plans, however, and a public hearing will take place at City Hall tonight to decide its fate. If you can't make it, here's a Facebook page where you can learn more. Free, just turn up, 6.30pm

MAYOR KEN: Remember him? Ken Livingstone will appear at Housmans bookshop on Cally Road to talk through his not-insubstantial memoirs. £3, book in advance, 7pm

PANEL QUIZ: Imagine if Have I Got News For You was all about science and technology. That's the set up at the Royal Institution tonight for a light-hearted panel quiz featuring some well known names from the world of geek comedy and popular science. Free, but book ahead, 7.30pm

8-BIT DANCING: This month's Gamerdisco at The Book Club combines live DJs, a 1980s karaoke booth and old-school computer games for a slightly odd, slightly wonderful club night. Free, just turn up, 7.30-midnight

THEATRE: Tickets are still available for tonight's first performance of You Can Still Make A Killing — a dramatic dissection of the recent financial crisis — at Southwark Playhouse. From £10, book in advance, 7.45pm

Random London Fact of the Day

Although the office has existed for over 900 years, and the incumbent changes every single year, there has only ever been one female Lord Mayor of London — Dame Mary Donaldson in 1983. All other Lord Mayors, as far as we're aware, have been white males.


There are only so many way you can say "it'll be cloudy with sunny intervals", and we're quickly running out of them. But here we have it as a factorised quadratic equation: Weather = (3 clouds + sun) (2 clouds + light winds). BBC Weather puts it more usefully.

Hidden Secret Notice Of The Day
If you notice this notice, you will notice that this notice is not worth noticing.