Things To Do In London Today: 9 October 2012

Our daily posting of tips for the day. We welcome additions in the comments.


GIVE BLOOD: Today's blood donation clinic is at Cathedral Hall in Victoria. 9.45am-noon, 2-4pm

DARE TO WEAR: St Pancras Church's Crypt Gallery hosts a new exhibition in which 27 artists were asked to interpret a few unusual questions about fashion. Such as? What should you wear on your way to the Afterlife? And will wearing beige kill you? Runs until 12 November. FREE, just turn up, 11am-6pm

ARTY SNAILS: Steve Jones, oft seen on TV discussing genetics and evolution, gives a lunchtime talk at UCL about the connections between art and nature...especially his beloved snails. FREE, just turn up, 1.15-1.55pm

CROSSRAIL TWEETING: Got a burning question about the archaeology of Crossrail, London's biggest engineering project? Lead archaeologist Jay Carver will be hovering over Twitter all afternoon and evening to answer your queries. Just tweet to #bisontobedlam, 2-9pm

FRUIT & VEG: Celebrate the London Harvest Festival at RHS Lindley Hall in Pimlico. Get your hands on some massive pumpkins, and listen to the London Vegetable Orchestra play, after carving their instruments from produce. £5, just turn up, 6-9pm

PHOTOGRAPHY: Today's Photomonth pick sees the opening of Peter Marshall's new exhibition at Shoreditch Gallery of protest photography, with many shots of London demonstrations. It runs until 26 October. FREE, just turn up, 6.30pm

CREEPY STORIES: Get into the Hallowe'en mood that little bit early at the Liars' League story evening. Tales feature creepy automata, murderous grandparents, monster conventions, Arctic beasts and the undead. £5, just turn up, 7.30pm

CITY SHOWCASE: The annual City Showcase festival of new music kicks off today, with an opening party at Balham's The Bedford. See the full programme here. Runs until 13 October.

SEX, COMICS AND FETISHISM: Esoteric erotica at The Book Club in Shoreditch, with a romp through the history of sex. If that's too racy for you, then the upstairs bar hosts a weekly ping-pong tournament. £7, just turn up, 8-10.30pm

Random Google Search of the Day

We typed into Google "The worst thing about London is". Here are the top five meaningful results:

  1. "that when you enter a train station/the underground it feels like an Orwellian state run by Boris Johnson."
  2. "#BritishAirways"
  3. "the lack in elasticity of mind when it comes to rules, though probably that's more of an English thing."
  4. " and people are forgetting this, is that it is full of cockney w***ers. Just saying like."
  5. "the sheer expense."


The forecast suggests a dry day, with a Mongean shuffle of clouds then sun, clouds then sun.

Hidden False Rumour Of The Day
You are the only person who can see this message. It's specially coded to only appear on your IP address. Expect contact from the secret services imminently.