Someone Collapses On Your Train: What Do You Do?

By Geoff Marshall Last edited 118 months ago
Someone Collapses On Your Train: What Do You Do?

Recently Geoff Marshall helped save the life of a Tube passenger who collapsed in front of him.

My instincts to help someone in distress kicked in, and afterwards I realised that it was terrible that everyone else had stood around watching — not doing anything. It took me asking twice to get someone to pull the passenger emergency alarm in the train to alert the driver. The woman lived, and I can't deny that it made me feel good about myself afterwards in that I felt I was able to do something. But now I want to be able to do more — or do it better next time something like this happens. Saying "It'll never happen again" is surely just tempting fate, so next time — I'm going to be thoroughly prepared."

In this video, Geoff travels to a public first aid demonstration organised by St John Ambulance on the concourse of Liverpool Street station. We urge you to watch, and think about what you'd do if confronted with a medical emergency on the Tube or elsewhere.

Hint: Here's our previous article on where to take a first aid course in London.

The first aid app mentioned in the video is from St John Ambulance and can be downloaded for iPhone or Android.

Last Updated 01 October 2012