Club Watch: Wavey Tones vs Warm @ Corsica Studios

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Club Watch: Wavey Tones vs Warm @ Corsica Studios

Two of London’s finest promoters are at the capital's premier dance venue on Saturday night with a line-up boasting more talent than Camp Nou.

Every time we see "album launch" written we envision autographed copies of records being handed out by glamour models, piles of vol au vents and a few words from Richard Branson. While the reality's usually more prosaic, tonight's double launch offers alternative thrills. Veteran producer John Tejada will be here to treat us to The Predicting Machine, his latest release on Kompakt. Try "The function and the form" below for a taster - shaping evergreen techno elements into a brittle electro framework, anyone waiting for a new Instra:mental record would do well to drop by.

If both albums are to be dropped at the same time, expect UK's producer's Vessel to hit the ground first - it's that heavy. At just 22, Bristol's Seb Gainsborough is already producing with the vision and finesse of an old timer. Tri Angle records, home of Balam Acab and Holy Other, are the perfect fit to release Order of Noise — a murky mixture of techno and echo sure to keep 100% Silk and Andy Stott fans company through the coming Autumn nights.

For us though the highlight here is a set from John Roberts whose beautiful Glass Eights full-length from 2010 still gets regular spins. A stately take on deep house complete with orchestral creaks and haunted piano loops, John Roberts produces a wonderfully cerebral take on dance’s most otherworldy form.

Elsewhere we have sets from Romare, who is taking footwork to exciting new places, namely Africa, the ever fresh Funkineven and a special guest from glitterly house label Wolf Music. More nights like this and we’ll never leave London again!

Wavey Tones vs Warm: John Tejada / Vessel / John Roberts / Funkineven - Saturday 6 October at Corsica Studios SE17 1LB. Click here for tickets.

Artist's image used with permission.

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