Design For New London Taxi Revealed

Dean Nicholas
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Design For New London Taxi Revealed

Nissan has shown off the design for its new black cab, which should begin crawling round the capital's streets from next year.

The Nissan NV200 will serve as an alternative to the current vehicles, principally the TX4, manufactured by the London Taxi Company. Drivers might be tempted by the Japanese diesel vehicle's superior miles per gallon and lower price point (at around £28,000, it will be £4,000 cheaper than the TX4), while Nissan boasts that their model will help cut carbon dioxide emissions in half.

The taxi sports twin sliding doors, a wheelchair ramp and a glazed roof, through which passengers will be able to observe London's leaden skies. Nissan also hopes to release an electric version of the taxi in 2014; Boris Johnson has previously promised that all London taxis will be electric by 2020. Autocar has more on the technical specifications.

Design-wise, the new taxi is disappointing: it's basically a nondescript van with the distinctive orange lamp affixed front and centre. Something about it must appeal to municipal leaders, though — last year Nissan won the licence to supply all of New York's yellow taxis using a similar model.

Here's a video of the taxi in action:

Last Updated 07 August 2012

Bungee Bungalow

I prefer the old style cabs.


Please no! Why would anyone do such a thing.


How dull.

20th Century London

More on the history of London Taxi's here:



Ugly, but as a cyclist I prefer anything over the TX4 and their fumes. Get modern buses and modern taxis on the road and air pollution will be improved substantially.


Wow, the seating in photo 4 looks like they've flayed a firefighter. 
Perhaps Boris is looking for a backlash on this so he can launch a 'you do better' competition to design a New Boris Cab For London.


Definitely not.

Nicolas Chinardet

so they add a skylight for a better view but put in tiny windows on the sides? odd.

totally boring design.

Andy Brice

This is very boring even compared to most modern MPVs or panel vans. And the design vocabulary has barely any consistency front-to-back or inside and out.


This does not look like a bicycle friendly cab: it looks like its going to take up too much space on narrow roads and will also be too big to see around.


Well, I never.


Why can't they make the old style less poluting and noisy?  When I come back home I certainly won't ride in the new one.  I'm all for keeping  tradition alive ... perhaps updating the working parts but the design was perfect and known around the world.


another motor that makes the london cab look more like a mini cab which is what tfl is trying to do


Why can't they just rework the traditional black cab to be more environmentally friendly while staying true to its design. 

Finton Stack

This is awful: a typically boring, overstyled car which pays no respect to the classic design.

Not a patch of Kenneth Grange's 1997 redesign, which produced a modern vehicle with a modern look but which was instantly recognisable as a London black cab.


It's a van with really small windows.

I prefer the older style - screw the fumes they look ace. 



i prefer the Austin FX3, they should re-produce it