Blogging Bus Routes End To End

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 77 months ago
Blogging Bus Routes End To End

The end-to-end bus routes used to be our favourite bit of Smoke. In fact, we still miss them, so it was with a yelp of unbridled joy that we read about three retired women on a mission to ride every London bus route in order.

Jo Hunt, Mary Rees and Linda Smither grabbed their freedom passes a few years ago and jumped on a number 1 – and, importantly, also started blogging it all. The posts grow in length, observation and humour as time goes by ("note they don’t have roads or streets in NW11 – they have names" is an aside on route 226; "We were headed to Brimsdown, which did not appear to be far away. But that is as the crow flies, rather than as the 191 wanders" is an astute observation of the 191's route). They're interested in quirky pub names, ungrammatical shop signs and, well, just about everything. They also grab lots of photos en route.

We all have a favourite bus route (yes, we do) and it's lovely to check out what the trio think about them. It's also inspired us to start doing a little more bus travel ourselves, as there are fewer better ways to see London than from the top deck (driver's seat, naturally).

Photo by McTumshie from the Londonist Flickr pool, and this is what they thought of the 250 route.

Last Updated 15 August 2012