Did Boris Write Twenty Twelve 'Way To Go!' Gag?

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Did Boris Write Twenty Twelve 'Way To Go!' Gag?

Did you catch the latest episode of 2012? The one with Catastrophisation Committee, and the transport plan? We were rather surprised about the transport plan...

2012 Head of Brand, Siobhan Sharp is joined by Senior Trend Analyst Coco Lomax, Information Architect Barney Lumsden, and Viral Concept Designer Karl Marx to spin the tortoise on the Olympic transport plan, after polls reveal most Londoners think it's going to be an almighty cockup. It needs a name that says '...transport', but also 'it's going to be fine...'. In Ms Sharpe's words: "Get a cool title, get a good front cover — no one is ever going to see this shit".

And the title they chose? "WAY TO GO!" Cause, it's, like, the way to go, but also, like, 'Hey — way to go, man!'. As she puts it, as only she can: "If you get bandwidth on this, before the travel advice goes out, you've got maple syrup on your waffle from the get go".

This would all be very amusing, were it not for the fact that this was the title of Boris Johnson's 2008 Transport Strategy. It therefore becomes utterly hilarious. Did these two groups — one preparing a serious political document for a newly seated mayor, and one scriptwriting a TV show set upon parodying the ridiculousness of our public bodies attempts to communicate — really land on the same idea? What are the odds?!

Perhaps in the remaining two episodes of 2012, Boris will commission a dangleway from an abandoned soccer academy, over a tip, to an empty car-park; the Central Line will flood after Thames Water drills a hole through it; a freak monsoon will hit, and hover over, Britain — for several months; the M4 will be closed after it's found to be on the verge of collapse; and Heathrow's passport control team will introduce a 'one in, one out' policy to deal with overcrowding...

Last Updated 13 July 2012