Preview: London 20:12 Photographic Exhibition

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Preview: London 20:12 Photographic Exhibition

If you hadn’t noticed, the year is 2012. In a matter of weeks, the Olympic train rolls into London and you won't be able to turn a corner without coming face to face with a 2012 themed event, concert or exhibition.

Two photographers, Cristina Boyton and David Collingwood have come up with an enterprising twist on the already well-worn theme. Their current exhibition at the tiny Shipton Street Gallery, just off Columbia Road, comprises photos taken in London at exactly 8.12pm, which for those who prefer the 24hour clock is, of course, 20:12.

With the time at which all the photos are taken being their only self-imposed parameter, the one-room gallery is chock full of about 30 familiar landmarks such as Tower Bridge, the Olympic Stadium and the Houses of Parliament, as well as fleeting glimpses of Borough, Liverpool Street Station, Brick Lane and other assorted street scenes and characters.

All of the photos were taken over the past couple of months, during the extended period of unpredictable weather. This combined with the evening timeframe results in an exhibition drenched in brooding skies and stunning natural lighting effects.

The gallery is only open on Sundays, so if you’re heading along to the Columbia Road flower market between now and the 22 July, be sure to pop into the Shipton Street Gallery and see what London looks like at precisely 20:12.

Shipton Street Gallery, Shipton Street, London, E2 7RZ, Sundays 1– 22 July / 11am–2pm (other viewing times by appointment). For more information, contact

By Jonnie Fielding.

Last Updated 29 June 2012