Olympics Missile Plans Challenged By Residents

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 71 months ago
Olympics Missile Plans Challenged By Residents

The Ministry of Defence's plan to place missiles in various positions around the Olympics site faces a blow today, as residents of Fred Wigg Tower in Leytonstone go to court for an injunction to stop weapons being stuck on their roof.

Just to be clear: this is an entirely different building from the one in the news a couple of months ago, the gated Lexington Building in Bow, where residents also went nuts at the prospect of having high velocity missiles stationed above their heads. The MoD still hasn't confirmed whether its going to put their massive weaponry plans into action, so the Leytonstone folk hope there's still a chance to block the whole exercise. The Press Association quotes their lawyer, Martin Howe, saying:

Security of the Olympics is of course extremely important but could the MoD not find any other way of protecting the Olympic village than by putting the lives of hundreds of innocent council tenants at risk by turning their homes into a military battlefield position?

The blocks of flats are due to have "high velocity missiles" plonked on them. Four other sites – Blackheath Common (which is going to be a Lewisham Council Olympics party site), Oxleas Meadow, Epping Forest and the William Girling reservoir – are likely to get a set of Rapier missiles (the BBC has a video explaining why the MoD wants them protecting the Olympics).

Photo of Rapier missiles by mikekingphoto from the Londonist Flickr pool

Last Updated 28 June 2012


So they detect an aircraft and decide it's terrorists attacking. What happens?
The Army tell the Government who then make the decision on what to do. 
There are two possibilities: A) Don't shoot it down, B) Shoot it down.
They choose A) it crashes into the Olympic stadium or Canary Wharf, certain massive loss of life and property.
They choose B) it crashes in some random part of London, with a small chance of crashing into the Thames or an open space, less chance of loss of life or property damage.
So having thought of this already, they are primed to shoot down any aircraft thought to be attacking.
If you hear loud roaring noises, see vapour trails or very low flying aircraft, don't watch JUST RUN!