Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra

  • Have you seen this missing Bexley 9 year old?
  • Live in Hammersmith & Fulham? Enjoy queueing? Now you can pay your council bills at any Post Office.
  • Don't break down in central London. You might get blown up and then ticketed.
  • Two hundred passengers evacuated at Mottingham following a small fire under train.
  • Olympic art: Rachel Whiteread has made some gold leaves for the Whitechapel Gallery.
  • Operation Elvedon: yet another Sun journo arrested in connection with the phone hacking saga.
  • Mayorwatch has an account of yesterday's Mayor's Question Time: Boris is waiting for more information on the security company that left people to sleep under London Bridge, will overrule the Assembly and make Daniel Moylan head of the London Legacy Development Corporation, promised Val Shawcross he'll meet train companies to make sure they can handle extra Olympics passengers, won't issue daily smog alerts during the Games, debated 'beds in sheds' and other housing issues, among other things.

Smile-worthy shot c/o slawekkozdras via the Londonist pool.

Last Updated 14 June 2012