Music Preview: 130701 Transcendentalists Tour 2012 @ Barbican

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Music Preview: 130701 Transcendentalists Tour 2012 @ Barbican

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‘Cutting-edge’ and ‘pioneering’ are adjectives all too frequently used to describe new music. But in the case of FatCat Records and its artists, those descriptions are truly apt. The Brighton-based label has earned cult status through its boundary-pushing promotion of contemporary music from post-rock and electronica to downtempo and techno, and for signing bands such as Sigur Rós and the Animal Collective.

Artists from FatCat’s instrumental-focused sub-label, 130701, descend on the Barbican Hall on 18 May for an evening of musical creativity you won’t find anywhere else in London. Four distinctive musicians will create a world where instrumental music meets dance and minimalism meets electronica. Call it post-classical, call it what you like: these artists will allow you to escape into a new and intriguing sound-scape.

Icelandic musician Jóhann Jóhannsson will perform with string ensemble and film projection, conjuring the flavour of the far north with an ambient landscape of music and visuals. Expect beautiful melodies within the hushed minimalism of Berlin-based composer and pianist Dustin O'Halloran, who has composed soundtracks for film directors like Sofia Coppola and here appears with a string quartet.

The piano is also at the centre of the musical world of Volker Bertelmann, aka Hauschka. The German composer’s trademark is using prepared piano – altering the instrument’s sound by placing objects within it – to create unusual textures and delicate music. Completing what will be an immersive audio-visual experience is experimental British DJ Steve Bicknell, who takes to the Barbican stage in between sets.

Transcendentalists Tour 2012 - Celebrating FatCat's 'post-classical' imprint 130701 Records happens on Friday 18 May at Barbican Hall. Tickets £12.50-£17.50.

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