Occupy's Next Destination: The Tube

Dean Nicholas
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Occupy's Next Destination: The Tube

Occupy London has unveiled details of a series of events for May 1st, including a plan to occupy the Underground.

From the group's website:

As May Day is a day for all workers, Occupy supporters are planning ‘Occupy the tube’, a fun and inspiring event starting on Tuesday morning in the centre of the City of London. All will be revealed that morning but look out for white flowers.

Given that a trip during rush hour is rarely "fun" or "inspiring", you might also try looking out for Occupiers sporting bloody noses after tempers boil over. Details are scarce at the moment, but people are urged to convene at 7am in Finsbury Square or at 8am in Liverpool Street.

Later in the day, the group will convene at Paternoster Square for a May Day march to Trafalgar Square.

Occupy are describing the occasion as "open to everyone including — and especially — those who have followed Occupy over the last seven months but have never felt able to participate in any direct way". They might have chosen an activity less likely to annoy potential recruits.

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Last Updated 26 April 2012


They've already worn out their welcome in Finsbury Square. Local workers who were initially sympathetic are now fed up with seeing the mess that Occupy have made of what was once a pleasant green space where they could sit in on sunny days. It's now a shanty town filled with filthy tents and semi-permanent structures sitting in a sea of churned-up mud and inaccessible to anyone but Occupy campers.


7am is too early for hippeez. For the challenge see them try it on a Sat afternoon instead and see how they get on on when they hold up footie firms


Occupy away.  But pay your fairs and be prepared to squidge up to let people travel with you.


Its nice that they have there own views but they shouldn't force it on to others, physically I'm lucky and if any of them got in my way I'd forcibly remove them and suggest others to do the same.


Scum. Looking forward to using my considerable bulk to maim a few of these scroungers. Should brighten up a commute.

Having never worked, they might be in for a bit of a surprise when they find out what a rush hour tube is like!