Hypnagogia by ROA Opens Today @ Stolenspace

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Hypnagogia by ROA Opens Today @ Stolenspace

Known for his gigantic animal murals spread across east London and indeed the world, Belgian street artist ROA takes his painting inside for a gallery exhibition.

The show, titled Hypnagogia, is on view at two spaces within walking distance of each other – Stolenspace gallery at the Old Truman Brewery off Brick Lane and the Stone Masons on Osborne Street near Whitechapel High Street. Featuring installation work and original on found objects, Hypnagogia coincides with the launch of ROA's first artist book, ROA: An Introduction To Animal Representation by Mammal Press.

The “very much handcrafted” book chronicles the artist's murals over the past year through photography, sketches and reference material. A limited edition of 500 (with only 125 for sell at Stolenspace on a first come first serve basis), each book is unique and priced at £175.

Currently one of London's most prolific graffiti artists, ROA achieves where some of his peers have often failed. The stuff on the gallery walls is as compelling as his work on the streets. ROA's interactive and engaging Hypnagogia (where you're encouraged to actually touch the art) opens today at Stolenspace, Dray Walk at the Old Truman Brewery, E1 6QL and the Stone Masons, 17 Osborne Street, E1 6TD. Stolenspace is open Tuesday through Sunday 11am-7pm.

Photo/Chris Osburn

Last Updated 20 April 2012